2014 Blog Goals

Hey y'all!It's way past New Years and I'm not a huge resolutions person, but I definitely want to set some goals for Words Like Silver in the next year. Last year, I did the same and I like to think that it helps shape my blog for the next year.A ton has changed for me in the past year and a lot has stayed the same - I'm busier but I'm still as voracious a reader as always. I'm definitely trying to go to BookExpo America this year because BEA 2012 was a blast! Between content, readership, publisher interaction, and all of that, I have a ton of ways I'm always looking to expand the blog.1. Schedule everything a month ahead.There are so many bloggers I know who manage to have their blog consistently scheduled about a year ahead! I could never do that, but I'd like to schedule everything at least a month ahead. It adds structure - two posts a week or so - even when you're busy and it also gives you the freedom to insert a review or cover reveal or whatever whenever you have the time to write another. It helps add to the diversity of a blog (visually, you can see if you tend to do too much of one type of post or whatever) and it's really helpful in allowing somebody to always contribute to their blog even if they don't have the time. I'm currently about a week or two ahead in my scheduling but I'd love to always have scheduled posts ready to go up at a moment's notice.2. Keep all the pages updated.Every year around December, I groan endlessly about how I have to update my "Read in" pages. Last year, I set aside a day to update my pages. It was painful and slow, but it was a great feeling at the end because I could specifically tell somebody how many books I'd read that year or that they could check out my most recent review on my archive page. I'm pretty sure I haven't updated my review archive since 2011! I'm planning on updating them and keeping them updated this year.3. Read more out-of-genre.I want to work in the Young Adult genre for my entire life. I fully adore it. I love it now because it personally relates to a lot of what I go through on a daily basis. But I'm always looking to span my reading horizons! Poetry is a big genre that I love exploring; I want to read more classics, more political reads, more historical fiction. NA is an emerging force and I'd love to explore that as well. There are so many wonderful books in other genres that I just haven't had the time to pick up because I'm too immersed in YA. I was pretty good at the poetry part this year (if you follow me on Twitter, I always tweet lovely poems that I find) but there's still some to be desired. I'll always read YA but every once in a while, I might pick up a different type of book to cleanse the palate.4. Have stronger interactions with publishers and other bloggers.In 2012, I was really great about this! I ran into so many people at BEA that I was already friends with and I was so happy to know everybody. I was still so intimidated by publishers, but that never really changes. I have a few strong contacts at some houses but that's about it. I'm too shy to go and email them if I want a book, just pray that they ask me to do something. I want to be assertive with publishers (still polite, just not painfully shy and awkward)! And keeping track of everything with all my blogger friends was so much easier when the blogging community was much smaller.  Some people quit, other blogs cropped up...high school happened, and so I spend less time tracking down blogs and commenting on friends' blogs which is a habit that I'd love to fix. I miss being fully immersed in the blogging community! I love y'all.

What goals did y'all make for this year? Blogging or otherwise. Tweet me or leave me a comment below!