Hey y'all!As you're reading this, I'm currently either flying to or exploring in New Orleans, Louisiana. I've never been before, and I'm psyched to be doing my first (and probably only) solo trip this summer.I decided relatively recently to head to the American Library Association's annual conference, which is big for several reasons.For one, it's been two years since I've been to a publishing conference. It doesn't sound like that long ago, but I last went before college, back when I was still convinced I would work in publishing no matter what, and when I was still totally up to date on industry everything. Two years has changed a lot. For one, I've been reading mostly older releases, or books I buy myself; I haven't done as much reviewing for upcoming titles. For another, I have more options in terms of working, so I may not actually end up working for a publishing house like I'd always expected. And then I'm also much more comfortable with leaving my schedule up to fate.I've never gone into a book conference this blindly. Back before I first went to BookExpo America, I'd have nightmares about screwing up my schedule or missing books I'd really wanted. This year, I'm more curious for the conversations I can have with publicists, especially because I have a much better grasp on my taste. I'm willing to be a little adventurous in what I read this summer, and I miss the freedom of browsing.I'll still put together a list of must-have titles, but it'll probably be much smaller than in years past. I've already read The Wren Huntwhich was the book I was really dying for in 2018 (and it lived up to the hype!) I'll probably cut my days a little shorter to go explore the city because I love cities with character, and what has more personality than New Orleans?Hoping to write a spectacular wrap-up when I'm back (and get to dish on all the hot books coming up throughout the rest of the summer.) If you have any suggestions for where I should go, or what I should try to read, please let me know in the comments!See you on the flip side.