BEA Week

Hey y’all!
Once my flight leaves (6:41 p.m., y'all), I’ll officially be in New York City for BookExpo America this week. For those of you who haven’t seen my incessant posting about it, BEA is the largest publishing conference in North America and I’m lucky enough to be able to go for the second time (the first was in 2012.) If you’re perusing the blog after meeting me there, welcome! I hope you enjoy Words Like Silver!
I'm going to leave this as a sticky post - here’s where you’ll be able to find me at the conference:



My morning’s free, so I’ll be wandering around the floor and talking to people!
2:30 - Leila Sales galley drop
3:30 - Jennifer Donnelly in-booth signing (she’s written my favorite book, so I’ll likely be tongue-tied)
4:00 - Leaving Javits to go to the Simon & Schuster building6:00 - Scholastic event


9:30 - Alexandra Bracken galley drop/signing
9:45 - at the Algonquin booth helping set up for a galley drop
10:00 - Josephine Angelini signing
11:30 - Brandon Stanson signing
1:00 - HarlequinTeen signing (Adi Alsaid/Eleanor Herman)
3:00 - Lair of Dreams signing
3:00 - Jennifer E. Smith signing
6:00 - Chinatown for dinner!
7:30 - Meeting up with some bloggers


8:00 - Children’s Book and Author Breakfast
9:00 - Scholastic breakfast
10:30 - Leigh Bardugo signing
11:00 - Fablehaven signing
12:00 - Kissing Ted Callahan signing
12:15 - PenguinTeen lunch
2:00 - Richelle Mead signing
3:00 - Another Day signing
4:00 - The Accident Season signing


8:30 - Bloomsbury brunch11:30 - bridesmaids shopping (perks of having a soon-to-be-married older sis)
3:45 - plane back to Tampa

Will I see you there? Come say hi!