Blog Goals & Recent Updates

Hey y'all!It's so great to be back, if only in my limited capacity. It's been a rough month, health-wise, and I apologize for my absence. This is my first live post since early July! As some of you know, I'm currently dealing with a concussion. It's been a little difficult for me just because I'm a person who likes doing things and being productiveand I was banned from any real cognitive or physical activity.I haven't read in three weeks.Since I learned to read (kindergarten), I'm relatively certain that three weeks is the longest amount of time I've ever gone without reading. It's been awful. I did listen to some excellent audiobooks. I'll be doing a post on audiobooks soon because I have reinstated my love for them completely. Other than the audiobooks and planning several book clubs that I'll be running this fall (yes, multiple!) for different bookstores around my area, I haven't been doing anything bookish. I have been active on social media though, because that's pretty mindless for me, so I've retweeted some great articles recently.Luckily, I was able to go to my all-girls camp that I've been attending for eight years (I was a junior counselor this year) which stifled the boredom, kept me busy, and gave me the kind of joy that made me grateful for the small break. In a way, the concussion was almost a blessing in disguise: I wouldn't have stopped working otherwise, but I had a respite before the hectic chaos of junior year.

photo.jpg Blog News:

GoDaddy did an excellent job with the transfer to self-hosted blogging. Steve from the help desk was wonderfully helpful and so Words Like Silver is now self-hosted entirely. Coding, extra plug-ins, and all sorts of things are now possible on here. I'm looking forward to playing around with it!Because I transferred to self-hosted, I got a gorgeous new design. I gave a glowing testimonial to Squeesome Designs because they have been gracious and helpful throughout the entire process. Even now, when I send them panicky emails asking questions about the littlest details, they are so kind. Their revisions are thoughtful and led to the incredible design you see above that I cannot stop staring at. I'm OBSESSED with it. What do y'all think?

Blog Goals:

Being on a blog break for a while gave me a lot of opportunity to think about where I wanted to take Words Like Silver in the next year. I'll be a junior, juggling APs and lacrosse and all that I want to do this year, which'll be tricky but I'll definitely make it work! I'd like to do the following.1) Keep all my content meaningful! I don't want to get into the habit of writing filler posts. With a backlog of reviews from the summer (a la Emily), I'm hoping to have reviews, articles, discussions, and thoughtful posts still be the main focus. I don't ever want to post just to post; I want to post because I have something to say in the coming year. However, I would still love to post at least twice a week, increasing as I build up my schedule again.2) Write more news posts! (read: my Grind feature)I loved writing my Grind post. I hope to hammer down exactly what my timing will be between each Grind feature, whether to follow up on old news stories or continue finding fresh content, and put a readable spin on Publishers Weekly, The Economist, and other articles related to the publishing industry. I'm a huge believer in being informed about current events and history, especially relating to the industry I want to work in!3) Comment on more blogs! Be more active in the blogging community!Last year, I was a bit busier than I expected. I didn't comment on as many blogs as usual nor did I keep up with who still blogged, who had just started blogs, which publicist contacts were still at which houses. I'd love to request more and continue to maintain contact with other bloggers. If you ever want a post you want me to read, feel free to get it to me!4) Put school first.This one's possibly the hardest. I love my blog to death. I love this industry, I love following bookish pursuits and news. In the clutch of junior year, I want to keep my focus on what really matters: my grades. My passion. Using those assets to get a great education and contribute to the blogosphere when I have time, not when I'm meant to be studying for an APUSH test. My goal? School trumps all. School trumps blog. (Mainly, get everything done early so I have more time to work on what I love.)

What are y'all's blog goals for the year? Can't wait to be fully immersed in the blog again!