Camp Hiatus

10896903_724781927616996_2071227830557850728_nHey y'all!As I mentioned in last week's In My Mailbox, I'm headed off to camp for three weeks to be a junior counselor. I adore camp - it's my 8th summer at an all-girls camp (Illahee) and it means the world to me to be going back again, especially as a worker!Needless to say, I'll be spending those three weeks teaching dance and archery to campers, dancing around the dining hall to weird camp songs, and loving on the baby girls in my cabin. That doesn't exactly leave a lot of time for the blogging/business side that I LOVE to embrace (although I'll be reading on all my breaks, trust me!)It's another Canada situation where I have a few posts scheduled and I'll post sporadically when I get the chance, but Words Like Silver won't be my first priority. I think I did a pretty good job of keeping up with everything while I was in Canada and I'm hoping to do the same here (but technically, I'll still be on hiatus.)If it's more trouble than it's worth to write a review every night after evening activity, I won't, because I only get three weeks out of the year to be there with people I never see any other time, in a place that brings me back to myself.BUT I'll still get a ton of reading done, which I'm really excited for. Rest hour is the best invention ever, y'all. And I'm bringing a whole ton of my BEA books. I've read a ton of them already and oh my goodness the 2015-2016 titles are insanely good.In the meantime, I'll be popping in on social media (probably with adorably weird pics of me and my fellow counselors and the occasional bookish photo) so go ahead and follow me if you haven't already to see my goings-on.I'll be on Twitter, where I retweet bookish news, tweet out my current reads, and post bookish and personal pics. I'll also be on Instagram, which is only bookish pics - a recent development! Go #bookstagram, y'all. Vsco is for my own use, but y'all are welcome to check out my page there - I love it because you can't like anything or see your follows, which is the perfect way to keep myself in check that I'm taking pictures for my own enjoyment and not for any sense of gratification.I want to hear ALL about what y'all have been up to while I'm gone - so keep the comments and replies and Twitter convos coming! What have y'all been reading? Where have y'all been going? If you're stuck at home, what's been the highlight of your summer?Now I'll be back - first I have to go hail some pine trees.