Grace's Little December Hiatus

Hey y'all!First off, happy holidays! I can't wait to curl up by the fire with a good book once break comes around, although first I have to survive getting there. Which brings me to my little hiatus.I hate doing blog hiatuses. I love y'all too much. Most of the ones I do are unintentional - brought about by yet another case of bronchitis or a week with a test every day. But sometimes, I don't want to let y'all down by expecting a post when I know I won't be able to provide one.Next week is a big one for me.

  • I find out from my first "big" college (which is a reach!)
  • I have about four tests that will make or break my grade, and I want to keep my As.
  • I have my Scholastic Art & Writing submissions due - and I'm a senior, which means I'm submitting two portfolios.
  • I have lacrosse duties as we wind back into the season.
  • I'm president of a club which has a major event next week.
  • I'm getting sick.
  • My family comes home!

Needless to say, as much as I desperately wish that I could dedicate my every waking moment to finishing Caraval, I can't do it. I'm either going to find out from my dream school and be over the moon - which calls for a celebratory period - or have to sort through a lot more options, which will likely absorb the latter end of my week. I haven't quite decided whether this is a one- or two-week hiatus. It depends on the outcome, and whether I need to throw myself into polishing more college apps for the regular decision round. Wish me luck!In the meantime, I hope y'all read plenty of great books. I'll still be active on Twitter for part of it, and I'll hopefully have a little time to read and keep my mind off everything that I've worked so hard for. I already have mini reviews and an In My Mailbox queued up for when I work on the blog again. I can't wait to hear about what y'all have been up to! Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

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