Merry Christmas!

we_wish_you_a_merry_christmas__79353_zoomThis'll be a short post because I'm sure you're out enjoying Christmas - or the holidays, if you don't celebrate. I've had a mighty full day of it myself, between the presents and the food and the family.I've been working at Oxford all week and haven't really had the chance to enjoy winter break so I'm forcing myself to take a few days off the blog. I need to catch up on a few things before lacrosse season starts and this is really the only time I have to relax until mid-April. So I'll be reading and eating paninis (long story - I'm conditioned to crave paninis around Christmas) and spending time with my siblings before they head off to their various towns.Next Friday, my 2015 Blog Goals post goes up and I'm so excited to see where this blog will go in the coming year. I'll be doing the WLS Best of 2014 list when I get back, as well as an End of the Year Book Survey. After that, I have a surprise for y'all that I've been sitting on for a month or so and it's driving me crazy - but Words Like Silver will definitely have some new developments coming soon.For now, happy holidays!

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