My Latest Venture

Hey y'all!I'm here today to tell y'all about my latest project - working on Lit Up Review! I've mentioned it a few times on here, but I'm really excited for it. I love all the girls working on it and I've been dying to write for them ever since they first announced it.If you saw my post on instalove earlier this month, that was a collaboration between a few of the girls and me. If you pop on over there, you might see how our writing styles mesh - we're all pretty opinionated about YA and hopefully we'll be colleagues in a few years!Lit-Up has all the excellent features that any blog requires, with the thoughtful contributions from bloggers who rock at different things and have been in the community for a while, so I couldn't be more grateful to start writing for them as well. For example, Emily's reviews are incredible and Willa can fangirl over anything.So I'm excited to learn from them. Of course, this blog is still my number-one priority but it seems like it'll be refreshing to work on something different. In addition, I'm a thousand times more motivated to work on certain posts and I'm learning a lot about along the way, which might come in handy later if I choose to transition this blog onto self-hosted.My first post was last week, about books similar to The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson. If y'all want to check out some of the other girls' blogs (which are all fantastic), here are some of the links!

Hope y'all enjoy! Leave us a comment over at Lit Up or go tweet at the Lit Up account.

Happy reading!