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 09.21.14 TEEN CLASSICS Hey y'all! First off, look at that. Just look at it. Isn't it GORGEOUS? But there's something even better than the design and that what it's designed FOR.I want to read more classics. In my opinion, they're a fundamental part of the reading experience and a refreshing look at literature. In addition to my want to be a little bit more pretentious with some of my reading background, I also think that there are incredible stories buried behind books that are analyzed to death. As a teen, I end up pretty much hating any book I'm assigned for school. Instead, I try to read classics before I read them in class so that I actually judge the book by its own merit, not exhaustive metaphors and memorized short answer questions.I want to read classics on my own terms. So the Oxford Exchange and I created the Teen Classics Book Club. If you want to read more classics, build up your reading base, finally learn to tackle formal-style books and better yet, ENJOY them? Come on down to the Oxford Exchange.What's great about Oxford is that they have so many opportunities with their space - they have a market with organic juices and foods, delicious dinners and teas, rentable work spaces with business passes, and of course, their bookstore. They're constantly expanding and adding onto more. It's part of what has made them such a Tampa landmark - it's only been two years but they are unbelievably successful.That's what makes them so exciting to work with, especially on a project like this that I'm passionate about. Remember when I announced my upcoming teen book club through Inkwood this fall? Well, the OE asked me to work on something with them and I suggested a book club focused on the classics.We'd love to have you. Like my other teen book club, this one will be for teens! We love you, all young adult bloggers and readers, but we'd love to expose classics with the fresh perspective offered by other teenagers. Oxford also has DELICIOUS cupcakes and tea so I'm extremely excited for the food!Our first book?

THE CATCHER IN THE RYE by J.D. Salinger | Goodreads

I've had a lot of girls (and guys) tell me that they want to read it. They never have the time, or they don't know how to pick it up. I've read this one before (thanks to Reut) and it has a compulsively readable style. It's clear and pretty similar to the way teens talk nowadays; Holden, the main character is wry (no pun intended) and cynical in an accessible personality. Those are just a few of the reasons why I think it'll be a great choice to ease into the world of classic literature.If you want to come, you can email Oxford at the email address above, contact me (through the various ways mentioned on the blog and in the sidebar), or simply show up! I'd be happy to answer any questions, give directions, offer comments on the book, etc,.I am explosively excited for this book club and can't wait to start it! I hope to see y'all there!