Spring Hiatus

Hey y'all!

So I'm here today to tell y'all that I'll be taking three weeks (unfortunately) off from blogging. I have a few really big events coming up soon, and I've been slightly forced into resting so that I won't get sick again before my sister's wedding. Plus, my coach needs me healthy for the end of the lacrosse season.I actually got my immunodeficiency testing back today and it turns out that I'm really low on pretty much all my defense cells because they've been going through hell all year. Turns out that it's actually because I have insane allergies to all sorts of foods and that's been weakening my immune system. I'm happy because it means I'll finally (hopefully) be healthy but a little bit bummed that I have to cut out bread and bananas and meat and all sorts of other foods out of my diet. And I just really need some sleep.So I'll be trying that out.As you know, spring is my BUSIEST season. School is in full gear, my sports season is in full swing (a commitment which takes 2-4 hours of every given afternoon), and I have plenty of big events scattered throughout those few months. I made it through the fall, but not without a dozen colds and a lot of exhaustion. This spring, I've mostly been making it work - but I've had no reading time! I'd like to finish up the books on my TBR and have some fresh posts prepared for y'all when I come back.Coming up in the next week or two, I have:

  • my older sister's wedding (!!!)
  • a project that I can't quite announce yet (possibly the most exciting thing I've ever done - stay tuned!)
  • important games
  • scholarship and application deadlines
  • trying out my new health regimen

I hate taking a break, but sometimes it's necessary. When March 5th rolls around and my family can actually breathe again, things will calm down. When I come back, I'll have some fantastic content scheduled. In the meantime, I'll be just as active on my Twitter and Instagram if you'd like to check them out.Also, if you're interested in coming to teen book club at Oxford Exchange, we'll be discussing The Tsar of Love and Techno there on Sunday at 3! You don't have to RSVP; just show up and treat yo'self to some tea and excellent conversation with teens around the area.

Hope y'all are doing well!

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