The State of Things

Hey y'all!I'm typing this on the road trip back from Canada. It's a twenty-five hour drive with two dogs and five people. Usually, I'd pass the time by reading.Right now, I can't. At the moment, I'm (mildly) concussed so a lot of text gives me a headache. Up in Canada, my family passes the time by reading, playing cards, and wakeboarding. It's not official, but after a nasty wipeout, we're pretty sure I have a concussion so I'm banned from much screen time or reading.I'm did manage to write about fifteen reviews of books I read before my spectacular clumsiness took me out of commission so y'all will have plenty of company. I'll try to pop in on Twitter a few times but I also have to attempt to do online Latin without dying, so that's first priority.I'll be blogging live before my blog design goes up, but for now I have some posts to keep you company that were meant to go up while I was in Canada.(Forgive me if this post made no sense at all.)Happy reading!Grace