WLS Takes Canada

Hey y'all!

As you read this, I'm currently on a 25-hour car ride from Florida to Canada. Parts of my family are Canadian and so we have a house up there where we go to escape from the world for two weeks every summer. So, no wifi but plenty of reading and wakeboarding time. I LOVE Canada.I won't be active on my Twitter or Instagram or anything during that time unless I randomly stumble upon a patch of wifi and decide to tweet out my current read. I'll just have a few tweets scheduled so that I can make sure my posts are still being active. In past years, I've been pretty awful about scheduling enough content. This year, I've been working really hard on having a few reviews and posts to go up. In any case, I'll be gone from the blog from July 1-July 18. (That last date might vary depending on when we leave and whether we visit any colleges on the way back - yep, entering senior year so y'all'll see my college search!)keep_calm_and_love_canada_eh_invitation-r4184be01f9e64fb9b79a7380777bbdac_zk9yi_324I read SO much while I'm in Canada. I usually finish about twenty books because we just sprawl out by the dock and read in the sun to pass the days - or play a ton of rounds of card games that get pretty competitive. That's when I write the bulk of my reviews for the summer too, so expect a lot when I get back!I always just bring a bag full of books and set them up in my sleeping porch, using the screens as a makeshift bookshelf. (And I always write a ton because my room up there is absolutely beautiful.)I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully this year I won't come back with a concussion!

Hope y'all have a great few weeks!