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Best of 2018: Not the Books

Hey y'all!Grace here, freshly in Lexington. The weather's gray and the days are long -- we're in the middle of rush, since I'm in Greek life here -- but I'm newly settled into an apartment and finally have an hour to myself in the morning. I'm taking a break from compiling my best books of 2018 and instead focusing on those non-book aspects that have contributed to my year. This is one of my favorite posts to write (and I apparently skipped it last year) but I'm excited to summarize some of my recent obsessions.Without further ado, here's my year:According to Spotify, my top genre was dance music, which fits with both my obsession with dancing and this year's goal of running a half marathon. Aside from that, some scattered folk and a disproportionate amount of classical tunes snuck onto my top songs of 2018. Then there are plenty of songs I associated with pleasant memories that I'd listen to on repeat. For the sake of novelty, I'm going to exclude songs that have appeared in previous years. Here are some of my favorites.

Moon River // Frank OceanShotgun -- Acoustic Version // George EzraAlways Been You // Quinn XCIIColour Me -- Acoustic // Juke RossToo Fast // SonderCocaine Jesus // Rainbow Kitten SurpriseOnly // RY XMore Than You Know // Axwell /\ IngrossoThe Way We Move // Langhorne Slim, The LawMagic in the Hamptons (ft. Lil Yachty) // Social House, Lil YachtyJust Fine // Mary J. BligeSlow Dance Slow // The Weather MachineYoungblood // 5 Seconds of SummerMake Me Proud // Drake, Nicki MinajHeadlights // Nico & VinzFirst Class // Rainbow Kitten SurpriseFace to Face // Mat KearneyLowdown, Lay It On // HazlettTake Me There // Trip Lee, Jimmy Needhamoui // JeremihGo Back // HEDEGAARD, Hayley WarnerAnnie -- Live // JohnnyswimAlps // Novo Amor, Ed TullettBody // Loud LuxuryGamble for a Rose // King CharlesDrew Barrymore // Bryce VineSmoke // Luke Levenson, Abbey SmithBound 2 // Kanye WestYour Side of the Bed // LooteWasting Water // Connor ZwetschGold // Jeremy LoopsSmoke Away My Sins -- O R I O N Remix // Noah, O R I O NBruises // Lewis Capaldi31 / 10 // RKCB, Dave GibsonPassenger // Noah KahanSometimes I Rhyme Slow // Nice & SmoothShadow & Light // Martin Luke BrownTraveller // Chris StapletonWoman in White // Current SwellPower Trip // J. Cole, MiguelBless Me // 6LACKJust You & I -- Acoustic // Tom Walker* (my #1 listened)Sober II (Melodrama) // LordeDeep Dark Valley // Jon BryantLike Vineyards // Little IndiaNo Choir // Florence + the MachineSpace for Two // Mr. ProbzSolid Wall of Sound // A Tribe Called QuestCold Showers // Chelsea CutlerPush (ft. Tunde Olanarian) // Flint Eastwood, Tunde Olanarian

I tend to form extremely strong connections with songs that play during pinnacle moments, so there's a little cluster of songs that take me back. Paper Planes, for crossing the Baltimore finish line. Drew Barrymore, for my favorite day of the fall. Moon River and Body for spring term.I'm not a huge TV person in general (mostly because I forget and err towards a book instead) but I've been more into it this year, partly because it's just a nice way to hang out with people without being high-impact. Really, the only TV show I feel particularly attached to is Sherlock, which I watch when I'm sick -- but I'm reluctant to finish it, so I haven't yet.I've watched a little of Bodyguard on my own, a lot of Riverdale with my townhouse, a lot of stand up comics with Rexx. (Personal favorites: John Mulaney and Iliza Shlesinger.)For movies, I enjoyed Dumplin' and To All the Boys I've Loved Before. The first was comparable to the book, but I think the book won. The latter was significantly better than the book (in my opinion) because I didn't think the To All the Boys I've Loved Before book was particularly memorable, but the movie was tender. I just watched the Black Mirror movie special, which was a little mind-blowing.I only saw two movies in theaters: Black Panther and Mamma Mia II, both of which I liked.Mostly, I've just darted around Netflix in a you-pick-no-you-pick fashion with my friends and roommates and all, but haven't been obsessed with anything. It's been a good screen year though.I haven't followed too many new blogs this year, but have a lot of new accounts on Instagram that I've wholeheartedly adored. For context, I read Brain Pickings, Aeon, and the Modern Love column pretty regularly.On Instagram, I love the following accounts.1. Lauren Saylor, @afabulousfeteA Fabulous Fête is run by a spectacularly talented calligrapher and stylist, Lauren Saylor. She's based in California, has an affinity for the color pink, and always has a dozen gorgeous projects going on. I would love to have a fraction of her talent. Plus, her feed is always pleasant because of champagne, flowers, and creative graphics that always fit your needs.2. Jill Lansky, @theaugustdiariesI don't really follow fashion blogs, but Lansky's is the exception. Although it's a little out of my price range, her moody coloring and sophisticated style are remarkable. Plus, she's Canada-based, and I treasure my time in Toronto. I love watching her videos and perusing her feed.3. EJ Mellow, @ejmellowEJ Mellow has clear, colorful, and pretty bookish and writing-related photos. While her style is pretty straightforward, she has a knack for composition and her feed always looks put-together.4. Aftyn Shah, @riseandwanderI took a printmaking class this semester and absolutely loved it, plus I'm always weak for anything woodsy. Shah's prints are stunning and I respect so much about her lifestyle. I adore her account so much that I did a presentation on it at school. Outdoorsy, grounded, and always inspiring.5. @thehappylistsPure joy. As a firm believer in the little things, The Happy Lists keeps me going.6. The Paris Review, @parisreviewAs word people, y'all will appreciate the fragments of interviews and poems that this literary magazine consistently pushes out.7. Karla Mendez, @kmmendezAlthough our book tastes are different, Karla's work is extraordinary -- her pencil shading blows my mind a little bit. Her minimalist style and her endless creativity keep me coming back.8. Thalia Ho, @thaliahoI never knew that a food blog could be so atmospheric, but Thalia Ho's photos have an air of melancholy to them, highlighting textures and details of her pastry creations in gorgeous ways.I tried to pick a solid assortment of aesthetics, so I hope y'all enjoy these accounts! Send them some love.These are the little things that don't quite fit into a category, but that have been some of my (sometimes short-lived) obsessions of 2018. The best of the hobbies, food, fashions.1. Fairy hair -- strands of gold like tinsel that you put in your hair like extensions.2. the Appalachian Trail -- last winter, and also during spring term, I finally got more comfortable hiking around the area. I'd done a pre-orientation trip, but hadn't spent much time outside on my own.3. Running -- One of my big goals for the year was to run a half marathon (which I did, albeit more slowly than I wanted) but I've lost steam a little after finishing. Hoping I pick this back up again in 2019.4. Butcher paper -- Having a roll constantly in my room has been the best, so I can just brainstorm whenever I want. I'm a visual thinker usually, and so I'll just pin up scraps of thoughts everywhere.5. Instruments -- I've always been big on instruments (I grew up playing piano and the drumset), and at school this year, I've been taking music lessons and dabbling in other ones. I took violin for four weeks and I'm about to take guitar for ten.6. My front porch -- This will be a little different because I moved from a townhouse to an apartment but I LOVED sitting and doing work outside on my daybed. At our place in Canada, we have daybeds and I definitely wanted to recreate that little peace in Lex.7. Flavored coffee -- I've done the whole30 diet a handful of times (two times for real and one or two false starts) and so I've gotten into flavored coffee as opposed to sweetened coffee. I strongly associate caramel coffee with being in Athens over the summer, or my December whole30.8. Pajamas -- in previous years, I've just thrown on a massive t-shirt, but this year I've gotten more addicted to the feeling of having real, cozy pajamas.9. Post-run coconut water.10. Funky earrings -- feathers, wild colors, you name it.11. That one gif of the teletubbie falling -- I used it all the time at the beginning of the year when I was tired.12. Rich Girls & Po' Boys -- it's a nail color that's a vivid blue, and it is perfect. Makes me so happy to just surround myself with color.

I feel like there are way more. Usually, in my journals, I keep a running list of current obsessions or trends. Like in October, I have written down that I gave up on looking like a person in the Third Year Village and so I remembered the sound of my slipper boots clomping on the sidewalk. Or that after Reading Days, we came back and everyone's outdoor flowers were dead because we'd gone days without watering them -- but nobody ever really replaced them. Also, there were smashed pumpkins everywhere from October to December.I have a lot of favorite moments from the year. All in all, 2018 was actually a pretty good year. There were some lows in the early winter, and a lot of boredom over the summer, but there were a lot of moments that I loved that made it worth it.I'm bad about not sharing personal photos on my Instagram -- y'all mostly just get books -- but I do have some favorite ones. I'm just way more comfortable with taking pictures of books and objects rather than myself!Sunsets with my Q1 roommates, hikes with Allie and the Outing Club, time with Hannah and Rexx (especially in Canada), my half marathon, spring term. So many more.

What did your 2018 look like?

Tune In -- October 11, 2018

Not to say I told you so, but I definitely did.I haven't blogged live in quite a while -- most of my content was written over the summer -- because life went from 0 to 100 real quick. But the bright side is that I love October, and I love the feeling of fall encroaching although my W&L experience is going by too quickly.I've been bad at reading lately, which is why I wrote about ways to find reading time recently.Most of my days involve blearily stumbling to my 8 A.M., getting all my (textbook) reading done in the afternoon, heading to a meeting, going for a run, and then attempting to stay on top of being-a-person tasks like unloading our dishwasher and putting up my laundry.Although I'm craving the sensory input that only a good book can give you, I've been substituting with some music and audiobooks that at least give me some escapism for a little while. So without further ado, here's what I've been listening to lately.

The Playlists

I often get grief for the ridiculous amount of playlists I have at a given time. Also, I hate putting songs on my queue; I'd rather just make a new playlist for a given run or study session so I know exactly what'll pop up at a given time.I always do a monthly playlist, hence September. I have a comforting playlist called DETOX that I've been chipping away at a lot lately as I've gotten stressed. A running playlist, rather aggressively called A WHOLE THIRTEEN MILES HOLY SHIT because I am running my first half marathon next weekend, and a playlist called THE LAST .1 MILES for that last burst of energy.My recent favorite is the playlist I put on for lounging around the house or cooking. It's called bon appetit both because of the situations and because of how delicious the songs are to me at this given time.

As a whole, I've been obsessed with Hozier's new album. And Rainbow Kitten Surprise. I've started to associate the latter with being covered in ink in the printmaking studio.

Specific Songs

Moment's Silence (Common Tongue) // HozierShadow & Light // Martin Luke BrownDeep Dark Valley // Jon Bryantoui // JeremihPaper Planes // M.I.A.Drew Barrymore // Bryce VineLove You Right // CherubFirst Class // Rainbow Kitten SurpriseLust // Lil SkiesSolid Wall of Sound // A Tribe Called QuestShotgun // George EzraHold My Girl // George EzraOut of Love // Two Friends

On Audio

I'm really enjoying The Wren Hunt as an audiobook, since I loved reading it over the summer and felt that it was too soon to do a reread, at least in print. It has this lush autumnal atmosphere paired with a folky and complicated story that reads so tensely. Also, it's Irish which means that the accent seasons the narrative so well.I've been putting it on while I work in the art studio and it's become a pleasant backdrop to some plexiglass etching. I feel like I'll always associate it with this art class now.I'm also listening to Ballad, as my go-to fall read. Plus, Maggie Stiefvater's stories translate perfectly to audio. She has a great ear for language that flows rhythmically and poignantly, so her books are always atmospheric and smartly paced. This is one of her first books so it's definitely more straightforward and occasionally not as sophisticated as her later works, but I love it. Give me an intense musical boarding school, complicated friendship, and moody fey any day. I love the narration of James's chapters but the female narrator who voices Nuala is terrible at male voices. Still, it's fun for me.Audiobooks make me feel as if I'm working my way through books when I'm really busy, which is pleasant, especially when I have books like Ballad that are seasonal treats for me.


Now that I've been living in a house with five other girls instead of eighteen, it's a lot easier to have quiet. Although I like a lot of time with my own thoughts, I also need lots of sensory input or the feeling of people around. (Like, my ideal study situation is around lots of people but still doing my own thing.) In some ways, this year feels more like home does in Tampa, and I usually like to have something on in the background.I've been watching a lot of Genius videos on YouTube, mostly because they're easy to put on after a long night.

My townhouse has also been watching Riverdale because it's cheesy and dark and perfect. When The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comes out, we'll probably switch to that because Halloween. (I don't normally follow TV shows because I'm bad at committing to them, but I'm actually excited.)My goal for October is to ACTUALLY watch spooky movies because I always tell myself that I will and I never end up doing it. Keep me accountable, y'all.

What have y'all been listening to lately?

A Day in the Life -- July 19, 2018

“”Hey y’all!It’s Grace here, typing away at my laptop at my kitchen counter at home. This is the first time I’ve been in Tampa since about four weeks ago, if you don’t count my 12-hour turnaround between New Orleans and Canada. And tomorrow, I head to Brevard, North Carolina via Asheville — which, by the way, is one of my absolute favorite cities. So I went from having absolutely nothing to do in June to actually having a little whiplash (which is an excellent feeling.)Whenever I’ve been busy, I love to do a Day in the Life post — a compilation of what I’ve been reading, up to, posting, etc,. It’s a fun way to dig out a bit of my personality and also a bit of the lifestyle I so enjoy.Additionally, if y’all would like me to do a coffeeshop post soon about some of the places I’ve loved lately, that’s something I’ve been strongly considering. Let me know in the comments, or via social media!Without further ado, here’s been life lately.

The Books

“”Miss You by Kate Eberlen | GoodreadsLittle White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes | GoodreadsThe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon | GoodreadsJust Kids by Patti Smith | GoodreadsStrange Grace by Tessa Gratton | GoodreadsBlanca & Roja by Anna-Marie McLemore | GoodreadsThe Geography of Lost Things by Jessica Brody | GoodreadsEmergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi | GoodreadsThe Iron King by Julie Kagawa | GoodreadsSummer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman | GoodreadsBetween the Spark and the Burn by April Genevieve Tucholke | GoodreadsBuckle up, because there are quite a few of them. As an additional note, I’ve made a goal to review every single book I read, which historically I’ve been rather bad at. This summer, I’ve also reorganized my release spreadsheets and contacted publishers about getting blog tours in order.Since I’ve had a summer at home, I’ve mostly honed in on the question of what will make me less stressed out during the school year, because I have significantly more responsibilities then. My blog is one of my absolute favorite things, and I hate when it’s not updated, so if I go ahead and schedule a ton of content during the summer rather than leaving it up to my whims, it’ll make me feel a lot better. So far, I have reviews written that will last me through October. Now it’s just a matter of typing them and formatting them and all that jazz.So, most of these you will see pop up on the blog pretty soon!

The Posts

Because I’ve been gearing up for the fall, I haven’t had much ready to go in the past week or so on here. It’s doubly hard when I’m on off most of my devices for awhile. We have internet on the island, but a limited plan, and it’s slow in regards to uploading images and whatnot. More on that later! I recapped my weekend at ALA (still with photos to imbed), reviewed the fresh and a little too sweet Wildflower, picked my top five reads from ALA, and reviewed the indulgent and hilarious Royals.

The Life

“”My June was beyond boring, but July luckily made up for it. My pet project had been setting up my art website, for a more organized way of doing my calligraphy commissions — and a way to keep track of all the trends I love! Hopefully, that’ll be another visual outlet for me over the next year, and a way to showcase my progress.After New Orleans, we embarked on our three-day, 26 hour car ride from Tampa to Ontario. As usual, it involved cranky hours, carsick dogs, and too much fast food. Finally though, we made it to paradise.An average day-in-the-island-life involves getting up, making breakfast on some chipped plates, and drinking a coffee on the kitchen porch. Everyone reading and chatting quietly. Mornings go more slowly on the island, which is a privilege, because you really have nowhere to be until you go down to the lake.“”Although it’s hard for me to peel myself off the porch (or the daybed) in favor of the beating hot sun, I’d ultimately be persuaded to go toss on a swimsuit and head down to the shore. We drag adirondack chairs to the middle of the grass, slather ourselves in sunscreen, and read/sunbathe the day away, only ducking up to make sandwiches or exchange a book. Usually, somebody would get in the water or plead to go wakeboarding and we’d cruise around the lake, attempting (failing) to coach them.When the sunshine was over — or we were fed up with it — we’d all retire to the wraparound porch in the main house until we’d ultimately go shower and reconvene for happy hour. As my twin sister’s boyfriend Guthrie mentioned, “she said Canada is just a week of cheese plates.” Make dinner, eat way too late on another porch (we’re big porch people) when the sun was already going down. At night, we’d peel off to do our own thing — whether that be watching a show, working on a puzzle, making brownies — until we got sleepy, which was usually pretty early considering the sunshine and time in the water. Absolute bliss.“”Other interludes included sunset cruises in the boat, kayaking around the island, playing corn hole (correction: my twin sister getting mad at me because of how bad I am at it), running on the mainland, or making day trips into Port Hope or Cobourg, nearby towns. When I picked up Rexx, we actually spent the day in Toronto — which I’d never done before, only traveled through. The city itself was a little overwhelming (so many possibilities, yet so little time!) but we wandered around the Distillery District and I tried oysters for the first time.My brother was unable to come to the island this year, but we made up for it with other guests. This was my second year bringing somebody else to Black Island, and honestly such a privilege. It makes all the normal stuff that we love even better. I savored every second of the company, and we managed to cross off most of our Black Island bucket list.One of the best parts of Black Island too is having such good food and drinks (also, we’re legal in Canada which is an added bonus! We taste-tested ciders and made cocktails way too fancy, sitting on the front steps as the sun went down to drink them.) Because I’ll have a kitchen next year at school — and I’ll be legal in the States — I’m trying to learn all these different recipes, because I’d ideally cook for myself more. We shall see.Although I was bored out of my mind in June, July definitely made up for it. I read a ton of books that I’d wanted to get to, got some great quality time with the family, and got to spend my time in a creaky house with a great view. Black Island is my happy place, for sure.“”Around this time is when I get really psyched in planning how best to go back to school. What I want to do most with my year. Writing non-stop. Sketching room designs, coordinating who-brings-what with roommates, all that jazz. I have about a month now before I go back to assist with our Appalachian trail pre-orientation for the first years, and now it’s time to figure out how best to end the summer.Tomorrow, I turn around and head to Camp Illahee for my eleventh summer, to run a cabin of (probably) sixth graders. Definitely a different headspace — chaos — but so rewarding. Excited to be around some more pine trees, teaching archery or ceramics or whichever activity they assign me. I’m big on snail mail and extra-large t-shirts and dance parties in the dining hall.Afterwards, I’ll likely be home, or trying to work out a trip in Georgia, or something fun. I’ll also be training for the Baltimore Running Festival half marathon in October, so that’ll occupy a bit of my time. And, of course, doing my usual reading and blogging.For more updates on my adventures, I post most on my Instagram — what I’m reading or sipping or hiking or whatever. So feel free to give that a follow!

What have y’all been up to?

ALA 2018 Recap

Hey y'all!It's Grace here, typing on my porch during a brisk morning at the cottage. I've been spending my past few days building up a tan, wakeboarding, and lazily flipping my way through some of the books I've accumulated lately. There was about a 12 hour turnaround between my flight home from New Orleans (and American Library Association's annual conference) and cramming myself, my dogs, and my entire family into the car for three days as we hurtled from Florida to Ontario. I literally just took my tote of books from ALA and stuck it in the back of the car, adding a few extras.Somehow, we made it! Admittedly, I haven't been in too much of a reading mood, due to both restlessness and my company up here. The few books I've torn through have been ones that I just picked up a little randomly, because I don't want to dig through my highest priority books just yet. And the first book I read was actually my favorite. Without further ado, here's a mini sort of recap for my time in New Orleans, coming to you a little on the later side.Because I have very limited internet, I'll be uploading photos to go along with this when I'm back in the country!

I got into New Orleans on Thursday morning and immediately headed uptown, to a friend's house. Dropped off my luggage. Changed my dress, because I already craved the thinnest, most heat-friendly material that I'd brought. I mostly walked around the area around Tulane looking for a coffee shop and a breakfast.The worst part about traveling for me (it being one of my favorite things), is the pressure to pick something aesthetic or comforting or perfect for just about every meal. I'd stubbornly look through Yelp for ages before settling. I ultimately found myself happy with just a latte and egg sandwich though. Spent most of the rest of my day on Magazine Street, happily scouring window fronts. I'd run in the evenings in Audubon Park, and loved the scenic two-mile loop. Swans and swing sets and fountains.Friday was much of the same. I hunted coffeeshops and fell absolutely in love with one café, The Vintage, for both its decor and food. (I'll likely do a coffee shop post later, if that's appealing, so let me know in the comments!) On Friday, I ended up walking what felt like most of the city. Wandered down Magazine Street towards the French Quarter.Bourbon Street wasn't really my thing. I loved watching the busking, hearing the drums and the jazz. Busking is one of my favorite parts of one of my favorite cities, Asheville. Seeing violins and bongos on the street corners. But I wasn't so much a fan of the crowds and tourism and the debauchery.Saturday was the first morning I found myself at ALA. Since it's always been more chill than BEA, and I've gotten way more relaxed about just letting myself wander rather than micromanaging everything, I slept in a little. Grabbed an Uber to the conference center.I'd forgotten how overwhelming publishing conferences can be, actually. Orienting myself among the booths, deciding which signings I'd prioritize. I didn't know anybody aside from Erica from Bloomsbury (always a favorite to go see!), and Eric, an author and agent who everyone seems to know from his corgi (and now baby) photos. Chatting with them was lovely.I'd only prioritized five or so books that I wanted, then a slew of books I'd be very interested in if I could find them. I ended up coming home with about those, with notes to request one or two I'd missed out on for the fall. Because I'd managed to get that done on the first day, I decided to forgo my second day of the conference to explore some more, and read back in The Vintage. One of my favorite people from school, Allie, told me that I absolutely had to take a yoga class that her sister led, so I carved out time that afternoon to unwind in an atmospheric studio called Reyn. I made it back for the very end of things on Monday before my flight out that evening.And on the way out, we of course stopped for beignets.

Have any of y'all been to New Orleans? Any recommendations for when I head back?

Tune In -- March 12, 2018

Hey y'all!Grace here, on a busybusybusy Sunday night which means, naturally, that I am blogging rather than inundating myself in the Latin studying that greets me after this post is finished.(Update: I'm in fact finishing this on Monday, because Sunday definitely got away from me.)With that being said, I haven't gotten much reading time in the past week and I likely will not have much time to read this week either. For those of you who don't know, I'm also a representative on Washington and Lee's form of student government, and election week starts on Thursday too! I'll be switching modes from book-Grace to school-Grace for a little while.Luckily, I can listen to music while I study, and waste plenty of time curating playlists. It's a good time. Without further ado (has it seriously been since November when I last posted what I was listening to?!?), here's my latest ear candy.

The Music

It's been a few months, and I whirl through playlists like an absolute maniac. If I'm addicted to anything, it's curating a dozen playlists with little delineation. This month, I've actually been listening to a bunch of my October songs. Studying to Choral Chill.I'm also one of those awful people who listens to the same song for approximately four days when I get obsessed. In photo lab, I listened to "I've Never Seen a Cyclone" on repeat for two hours -- a new low.The playlists I've had on repeat are I GOT MY OWN BACK (lots of Lorde-dark-be-a-queen songs), my monthly February and March playlists, BLACK BEAR (woodsy, bonfire music.) I study to UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS often (a nod to Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being, which is one of my favorite books) so that's the one I'll embed below.

The Shows

If I have the choice, I prefer reading to watching TV, which is why it's not something I find the time for at this point in the semester (or ever, really.) When I was so sick in January and February, I hurtled down my Sherlock rabbit hole but now I have about two episodes left -- which I really, really, really don't want to finish.While this isn't a TV show, I also recently saw Black Panther with a group of Lambda Chi Alpha pals. I'm glad it lived up to the hype!

The Audiobooks

I recently finished listening to Shiver on audio. I love Maggie Stiefvater's books on audio -- such atmosphere! -- but hadn't tackled this series yet. While Grace's voice at first annoyed me, I ultimately relaxed into it and it was perfect for long drives down winter roads. Perfect for dark highways and late nights in the frost! I plan on starting Linger (I'm currently approximately ten minutes through it) after I finish listening to Code Name Verity.I'm damn proud of myself for now owning that book in every format -- physical, e-book, and audiobook. Each time has been a riveting, visceral experience. Historical fiction that cuts deeply, with the funniest and most badass heroine of all time (who also guts you regularly.)

What have y'all been listening to lately?