2017 Blog Goals

Hey y'all!It's New Year's Eve and y'all know what that means - plenty of metallics, jumbled plans, and attempts to interpret the coming year. For the most part, I avoid concrete New Year's resolutions because I will most definitely beat myself up about it if I don't stick to them. I like having little things in the back of my head though. On Words Like Silver, however, that means trying to hammer out my priorities for the blog.This year, I was expecting to have quite the transition on here.For one, I assumed that blogging would no longer be my defining factor at school - my little claim. At W&L, that's true for the most part but people still associate me strongly with my book involvement. (Although most people remember my Instagram above all else.) I don't mind at all - I'm glad to have something that's very me even though I just throw photos on there that I like for being textured or symmetrical. I curate for sure, but I don't really care about the social aspect of Instagram all that much. Anyhow, that's still a large part of how people get to know me, or at least remember me. The books.Another thing is that I was expecting to have a harder time carving out time to work on the blog. I can definitely find pockets in which to write. The challenge with that is that it's more difficult to find time to read. Because I've been focused on other things - like student council, laundry, and remembering to call my mom - it's harder to find a solid few hours in which I can just finish a book. At home, I'd often have time on weekend nights when I could just stay in and read. At a school with so much going on - and so many good people I want to be friends with - I've been more social than in previous years so that cuts into my reading time. Additionally, I'm a mood reader so I tend to read books in a sitting or two. It's significantly harder for me to focus when I can only read in bits and pieces. I can still find time to read, but I have to work much harder.I never considered stopping blogging, because it's such a huge part of who I am and how I find meaning. I love reading, finding books that make me cry, talking about publishing, forging ahead and finding a place for my weird age dichotomies...the publishing industry is a great place for that. It'll be six official years of WLS in April, and that's insane to me. With that being said, I do think the blog is different to me than it used to be. Part of a gradually expanding reading taste, more comfort in my immediate surroundings, a pointed interest in academia and travel. More personable, perhaps, if a little less frequent.Without further ado, here are a few of my blog priorities for 2017.

the blog goals

1. More productivity, less screen time!I want to be more efficient about how I manage my screen time, especially in relation to my book/publishing sphere. Sometimes, I'm productive in scrolling through articles; sometimes, I'm just wasting time. I love social media because it appeals to a lot of my personality, but I also recognize that it's a huge time drain. And sometimes, I'm not nearly as productive as I'm intending to be. So I'd like to minimize the time I spend on social media, while increasing the content and what I get from it. Ditto goes for the time I spend staring at the Wordpress interface while not actually being productive - updating widgets, pages, writing reviews.2. More audiobooks!First of all, I love audiobooks. I do have to be in a specific mood to listen to them though, so I always forget about them. They'd be useful when I'm just walking to class (I'm BIG on W&L's speaking tradition, so I hate having headphones in) or cleaning up in my room. My default is my Spotify. It would do a lot for me to instead go to my Audible, and finally finish the Raven Cycle. Plus, that'd be a tidy solution to my whole I'm-not-reading-as-much-as-I'd-like-problem.3. More life on the blog!I enjoy my Tune In posts and my Day in the Life posts. I do feel like a lot of the readers I've had for years have watched me grow up in a way - and I love detailing what I'm up to when I'm not all-books-all-the-time. I've gotten really into my duties on the Executive Committee - which is an aspect of campus I never would have seen myself being passionate about - and hiking and traveling and all. It'd be nice to display a little more personality, especially so I can keep WLS going in later years when I might be working so heavily with books that I want a slightly different outlet. One that incorporates my other forays.4. More precise definition of my reading taste! And expansion! When Words Like Silver first started, I originally read all types of YA. I still do, but I've also read enough and written enough to have a firmer grasp on what exactly my reading taste is. I love lyrical books - particularly magical realism - and enjoy strong poetic backgrounds. Atmosphere is huge for me. As I venture more into my academic career, I'm pinpointing my interests in both English and Philosophy. I would say both are reflected in my reading taste. I'd like to project that more in how I portray the blog and which books I choose to review - not just in my personal choices. This is especially important to me as I've realized I can't write as many reviews as I would like to. Still though, I've substantially expanded my reading horizons over the past year or so, and would love to keep that going.

Some small personal goals for the winter

still reach out to different people!stick to study routines! study right after class!go outside more despite the cold!ease up on myself!go for more hikes!start going to church again!read the W&L archives!be more assertive!drink more water and less coffee!learn more names!revive the happy lists!

What are y'all hoping to do in 2017?

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