Confessions of a Mood Reader

Hi, I'm Grace, and I'm in the middle of eight books right now.Some people are positively shocked when they hear that - how can you remember what goes on?!? - or automatically assume that I'm counting books that I stopped reading. I have a bookshelf of current reads that I waver between for several reasons.1. I am a mood reader.I am such a mood reader. I can't force myself to read a review book just because I know I have to - I have to wait for a certain mood to hit me before I can think about picking it up. That's also why I tend to reread a lot.Sometimes, I have a really distinct book craving. I think about what books I recently read or enjoyed and then it hits me - I need to read a vampire book. I need to read a hard-hitting contemporary. I need to read a historical fiction.I flit between so many books until I find one that has a satisfying ratio of elements to fulfill my book cravings.2. Books are very long.Part of it is definitely the timing though. I'd easily be able to reread Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly if I wanted to, if I actually had enough time to sit down and knock it out in a few sittings. It's a gorgeous historically-based book and it's my favorite book, but it's so long that by the time I actually have time to read it, I'm craving a different sort of book.I used to always buy really long books. Part of my criteria for picking a book when I was about twelve was whether or not it was 450+ pages. This was because I couldn't drive and my parents would only take me to the bookstore once a month or so.I had a lot more time on my hands and I was also an extremely fast reader. I generally read about four pages per minute, so those books that I got at the bookstore were usually gone within a day or two. And thus began the waiting for the next bookstore trip.Now, I find myself skimping on those books. I simply don't have the excess of time that I used to where I could read a long book in one sitting. My patience for books is a lot thinner.I hesitate to label them as DNFs (did-not-finish, for those of y'all new to book blogging or the lingo) because it's not that I dislike them. It's that I just happened to put them aside for a while.3. I get distracted by shiny new books.There are so many books that I'm ashamed to have not read. The Book Thief is lovely and heartwrenching and absorbing...but I've been on page 205 for about two months. I wanted to read it so badly and I finally picked it up.Homework got in the way. I got a new book in the mail. Needless to say, The Book Thief was put aside for a while. I love going to the bookstore, but I tend to get really excited about my new books and neglect my current reads in favor of those gorgeous hardcovers.There are so many reasons why I simply can't keep my focus on one book. Sometimes I pick up a smaller book to read during school simply because a bigger one wouldn't fit in my backpack. Sometimes I read and I stop reading for a month or two to mentally prepare myself for the ending.That's not to say that I never pick them up again. The Elite by Kiera Cass was one that ended up surprising me. The first time I read it, I got to Chapter Two. I thought the names were a little ridiculous and I wasn't in the proper mood for it. I ended up picking it up later and devouring it immediately. I read the first two in the series in less than four hours and I consider it an excellent read.Between my mood reading, easy distraction, and lack of sit-down-knock-out reads, I've been extremely guilty of putting aside books and getting halfway through multiple reads. I'm working on it, but I can see both advantages and disadvantages of being a mercurial reader.Are you guilty of flitting between books? How many books do you read at one time? Let me know in the comments or tweet me about it!

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