silver linings discussionI entirely aspire to be a #GirlBoss. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term - or the movement of sorts surrounding it - it stems from the CEO of Nasty Gal Vintage, Sophia Amoruso. She's just an absolutely epic human being. She's brilliant, scrappy, and not afraid to be crass. What's more, she wrote a phenomenal book about confidence, business, and her unorthodox journey to her position.I read #GirlBoss back in October but haven't properly been able to review it because most of my thoughts aren't about the physical book itself, or the words inside, but the idea which it represents. Amoruso did a smart job of starting her own handmade revolution of sorts: one about fierceness and power and hard work.It seems like a feminist manifesto but it's more about business for everybody. That's precisely the reason why I have every other sentence underlined (in pencil, because I can't bear to take a highlighter or pen to such a pretty hardcover) and why I have nothing but the utmost respect for her.Being a #GirlBoss is about knowing what you want, and going to get it. It's about success, and the work it takes to get there. It's about taking a strange path, and being okay with it. That appeals to me so much because I'm sixteen. I'm a high-schooler, and I've been ingrained in my industry of choice since I was twelve. It never fails to blow my mind that I know what I want to do and I'm on my way there because quite simply: I love it. I will get no sleep for these books. I will read these books so that I laugh and cry and feel nothing but the rushes of humanity. I want to create books and get them to people, books that make people feel the condensed strangeness of art and love and beauty and tragedy all at once. I will be passionate about books for my entire life. Whether I continue to blissfully promote young adult or a different genre, I will always enjoy the act of it.So I want to be a #GirlBoss. My life has meaning because I make it. Because I love what I do and I want to give that same fire, that same passion for stories to others. My goal is to be a publicist - for a large publishing house preferably - and although I don't know what I want to do from there, that'll make me happy enough. Will I want to work my way up from there? Work abroad? Travel? Write? We'll see.Amoruso's path doesn't fit with my personality, but her work ethic does. Her personality didn't quite show throughout the entire book - the book itself is actually a bit showy - but it relit a fire in me that I hope never goes out.What I know now is that I want to be successful - I want to spend my nights up late, reading, writing, researching what I love and never stopping. It seems obvious when I write it out, but it's so much more than that. The term "workaholic" is scary but loving what you do doesn't mean you can't love everything else you do. It just means that you want to put in work, and you know that you can be better than you are.#GirlBoss has given me so much confidence. I've taken on new projects that I would have scoffed off last year because I "didn't have the time". But with those projects, with new responsibilities, I've actually been taking better care of myself: going on walks, taking long baths, making sure that I get a nap if I need it or put my studies above my desire to just finish onemorepage. It's also gotten me addicted to notepads and planners, a la my blog organization post.I think people around me suffer from the idea that we don't have the resources or the freedom to do what we like in our bubble of a town. There are beautiful spots if you look for them. There are new things to try. With technology, communication and business are more possible than ever, and age is barely even a hindrance.You have enough time if you make it. One of my solutions is cutting out feed time - scrolling through social media - and instead, typing away emails or working on spreadsheets on my phone. It's made me a lot happier because I don't care as much about how many likes I get or what gratification I get from posting about my personal life, but get my happiness from honestly liking myself and who I'm turning out to be.That's a good feeling.I'm headed to BookExpo America this year (for the second time ever!) and I'm unbelievably excited for all the dorky things I love: networking, business cards, books!#GirlBoss makes me think. It makes me wonder who out of us is going to go out there and be successful, who out of us is going to decide "hey, I want to do this." The idea of #GirlBoss has made me firm in what I believe in and happy with my path, wherever it takes me.I want to do this.

Have any of y'all read it? What do you think?


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