In My Mailbox -- November 25, 2018

Hey y'all!Happy Thanksgiving! If you're like me and headed back to school for the end of the semester, safe travels (and good luck with all that work.) Today, I only have one book to spotlight that I received. I may not have gotten it in November, but it's new to me because it's the first time I've been home since August.When I was in Athens visiting my boyfriend over the summer, I had to swing by Avid Bookshop and say hi. I met a few of the booksellers at BEA a few years back, and I also just love independent bookstores. For one, I loved the cozy, crammed vibe of Avid. I love when a place nails my taste with their curatorial decisions -- and that's the personal touch that means I will always advocate for the little guys.I knew Will Walton worked there, and so I had to buy a copy of his book! Also, I love David Levithan as an editor. Unfortunately, he'd just sold out of his last copy, so he sent me a signed one to my house. I'm glad I finally got it. Without further ado, here's Anything Could Happen.

The Book

Novel: Anything Could Happen by Will Walton | GoodreadsRelease Date: May 26, 2015Publisher: ScholasticFormat: PaperbackSource: Avid!

When you’re in love with the wrong person for the right reasons, anything could happen.Tretch lives in a very small town where everybody's in everybody else's business. Which makes it hard for him to be in love with his straight best friend. For his part, Matt is completely oblivious to the way Tretch feels – and Tretch can’t tell whether that makes it better or worse.The problem with living a lie is that the lie can slowly become your life. For Tretch, the problem isn’t just with Matt. His family has no idea who he really is and what he’s really thinking. The girl at the local bookstore has no clue how off-base her crush on him is. And the guy at school who’s a thorn in Tretch’s side doesn’t realize how close to the truth he’s hitting.Tretch has spent a lot of time dancing alone in his room, but now he’s got to step outside his comfort zone and into the wider world. Because like love, a true self can rarely be contained. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN is a poignant, hard-hitting exploration of love and friendship, a provocative debut that shows that sometimes we have to let things fall apart before we can make them whole again.

For one, I remember hearing a lot of buzz about this one when it came out. Also, David Levithan tends to champion quieter (but lovable) coming-of-age narratives. I'm always a sucker for stories that feel authentic, even if they don't subscribe to a norm of contemporary fiction. Hoping for some good one-liners and a satisfying character development arc. Every once in a while, I need a book I can just sink into.

What did y'all get this week?

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