Best of 2014: Not the Books!

Hey y'all!Jamie over at The Perpetual Page-Turner (she's such a trendsetter, y'all) wrote the greatest post ever about her best of everything that isn't a book. I thought it was a genius idea, because despite it all, I enjoy music and photos and all these things that AREN'T books.I'm doing all my links at once when I post my WLS Best of 2014 post so hold on a little while and I'll have y'all all set up with iTunes and links for music 2013I have an extremely sporadic/eclectic music taste that jumps all over the place depending on my mood. I will listen to alternative, rock, country, classical, rap, other languages, whatever I'm feeling at any given time. Luckily, because of my journaling habit, I have a pretty decent chronicle of what I listened to this year.


Atlas Hands // Benjamin Francis LeftwichWhen I Was Younger // Liz NorrisOblivion // BastilleThe Cave // Mumford & SonsAin't Too Proud to Beg // The TemptationsTake Me to Church // HozierWe Don't Eat // James Vincent McMorrowA World Alone // LordeIscariot // Walk the MoonShelter // the xxStubborn Love // The LumineersAu Revoir // OneRepublicMy Notes // Atmosphere


Give Me Back My Hometown // Eric ChurchTake Your Time // Fun.Preacher // OneRepublicLike Real People Do // HozierExpression // Helen Jane LongForrest Gump // Frank OceanLatch // KodalineStardust // Nat King ColeScream // Chris CornellLosing Keys // Jack JohnsonAm I Wrong // Nico & VinzHome // Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic ZeroesBridge Over Troubled Water // Simon & Garfunkel


Smother // DaughterToo Close // Alex ClareEach Coming Night // Iron & WineSay Hey (I Love You) // Michael Franti & SpearheadIf I Lose Myself // OneRepublicHalo // Ane BrunRiptide // Vance JoyEyes on Fire // Blue FoundationEmmanuel // BASECAMPBroadripple is Burning // Margot & the Nuclear So and So'sDirty Paws // Of Monsters and MenHeart Like Yours // Willamette StoneHolocene // Bon Iver


Grow // Rae MorrisWe Must Be Killers // Mikky EkkoBig Jet Plane // Angus & Julia StoneHello My Old Heart // The Oh Hello'sLittle Motel // Modest MouseRaise the Dead // Rachel RabinMykonos // Fleet FoxesNever Stop // SafetysuitEnds of the Earth // Lord HuronSlippin Around // ZhalaWorth Wondering // Bronze Radio ReturnCandlelight // Claslan

BIG ONES FOR ME: OneRepublic, Ben Rector, Bon Iver, Nico & Vinz, The Lumineers. LOVE.

tvI don't really have that much time to watch TV live. It's mostly a homework staple for when I have busywork that I'm suffering through, but I've picked up a few good ones!1. How to Get Away with MurderThis one is fantastic, and the first one I've watched live in a long time. It's suspenseful, has a circular plot that builds on itself, and cleverly handles relationships. It's simply a well-done drama.2. The OriginalsOkay, so I was hesitant about a Vampire Diaries spinoff, especially since I haven't seen the original (hey) show. The cinematic effects, music, and plot are riveting though, and it's been a source of entertainment over winter break.3. How I Met Your MotherForever. Love this show - I practically grew up on it. I used to sneak episodes onto my iPod when I was younger and watch them at night when nobody else was awake because I was too young for it. While I have mixed thoughts about the last season, I just love this show.movies1. About TimeThis was a lovely, poetic, funny movie that may be ranked in my favorites. It felt very quiet, a quality that set it apart almost immediately from everything else I've seen this year. It was just beautiful.2. If I StayThe music in this one was a huge selling point for me. It was tricky for them to render Mia's present narrative but I think they overall did a good job with the storytelling. In fact, I wrote my first movie review here.3. DivergentThey did an awesome job with this one. It sticks to the book with pretty much everything that's important while still fleshing it out to be even more cinematic. The score was intense and distinct (a huge selling point for me); I thought it was done brilliantly.eeThis year, I discovered a few new addictions. I'm not normally super loud about fashion or trends (that's for lifestyle bloggers, not me) but Jamie did it and I figured, why not. So here goes:1. Cold pressed juices - South Tampa has recently produced a spattering of cold-pressed juice bars and distributers around the area, and I'm more than happy. They're fresh, delicious, and the perfect treat for after a workout.2. High heels/boots - I've never really been one for the height. But hey, if I'm 5'10 and going to awkwardly tower over everyone anyways, I might as well wear the shoes I really want to. And boots are just so comfortable.3. Organization supplies - as I wrote about in my Blogging & Organization post, I fell in love with a few adorable planners and blog supplies. I love notepads and spreadsheets. Basically, I want to be a #GirlBoss.4. Arm candy - I got a watch this year and it seriously changed my life. First off, it helps a ton since I'm trying to wean myself off of social media and it's a lot easier when you don't see the notifications on your phone each time you check the time. My twin sister Hannah and I have also been collecting a lot of bracelets.5. Surfing - Okay, cheating. I don't surf, nor have I ever. But pretty much everybody I follow on Instagram is a surfer or photographer because I end up reading the blogs, watching the video, trying to act like one despite.6. Pad thai - I've always been a noodle person; pasta's my favorite food. But this year, when I got my license, I really started getting food after lacrosse because my family had already eaten dinner. I'd swing by the local Thai joint and get some pad thai, then bring it to school the next day for lunch. Mmm.7. Guitar - It's no secret that I'm a piano addict. I practice as much as I can because there's something both all-encompassing and numbing about letting my fingers flow over the keys. I used to play drums, guitar, and piano but dropped all of them due to time. My latest project? Getting guitar back. (It's hard.)fave-blogs-2013

 Atlantic-PacificThe College PrepsterWhitney Blake

moments2013I had some good moments this year. If you want a more poetic recap, head on over to my writing blog. For now though, enjoy the pictures.post1In summary, my year had some great moments. My sister graduated from Clemson University (and got a puppy and fiancé to boot!) Over the summer, I went to the British Virgin Islands as a sort of last hurrah for family vacations, worked on a mission trip in Alabama, loved our annual trip to Canada. I choreographed and helped organize a pretty rocking *NYSNC tribute while I was a junior counselor at Camp Illahee, which the girls LOVED! In the fall, I got my job at the Oxford Exchange, visited my brother at the University of Virginia, and more!So most of my best memories involved travel. Overall, those were really where my family reconnected and some of my favorite memories originated. For little moments and reflections, like I said, head over to my other blog.

Like I said in my 2015 Blog Goals post, one of my goals is to stop using social media as much personally and instead utilize it as a blog tool so I don't think y'all will see personal photos as much. Maybe I'll post them on the blog every once in a while as a monthly wrap-up sort of post, especially in my Day in the Life posts. In any case, I'll have a few on my Vsco page.

That's about it! What non-bookish things did y'all discover this year?

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