December TBR

Hey y'all!It's Grace, writing at the end of Thanksgiving Break while stuck in the airport (yikes.) This post may go up later in the week, which will mean I'm likely buried in the depths of Lenfest attempting to pound out an art history final.While on vacation, I managed to read quite a few books -- which I was relatively pleased with -- and that got me even more excited to be back home in a few weeks, lounging by the pool. I missed the sunshine and the sound of pages flipping and the scent of sunscreen, way more than I'd expected.First things first, I have to renew my library card so I can check out some eBooks while I'm at school. But considering I'm in the middle of final projects, that can definitely wait.Without further ado, here are some books I plan on reading in December, once I'm home again.1. Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl | Goodreads

I reread the first book in the series this week while I was home -- needed that Spanish-moss, dripping-accent-Southern-feeling read before my debutante ball -- and forgot how good a dark paranormal read is. I haven't reread the books since before the movie came out (which a was truly horrific adaptation) and it'd be a good series to finish.

2. Movie Stars by Jack Pendarvis | Goodreads

I picked this one up on a whim while in Flyleaf Books, which is a remarkably curated independent bookstore in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There are only two places I will walk into and pick up anything off the shelf: Flyleaf and Oxford Exchange (which is in Tampa.) I rarely venture into short stories because I'm so picky and know too little about the writers, so I'm pumped for this one.

3. All I Want To Do Is Live by Trace Ramsey | Goodreads

Again, a Flyleaf pick. I skimmed through this one -- reading a random page or two while I browsed the store -- and was taken by how smooth the language was. Also, I love anything (like Milan Kundera books) that plays with structure. I love books that feel like they're written for the writer and not the reader.

4. Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez | Goodreads

Somebody else recommended this to me actually, and now I must read it since I have a slightly battered paperback in my possession that I should return as soon as possible. I get the sense that I'll enjoy this one specifically because I'm weak for magical realism, and almost everybody who hears about my reading taste suggests it. (So I'm a little scared to finally dive into it, admittedly.)

5. Nantucket Red by Leila Howland | Goodreads

I read Nantucket Blue while binge-reading by the pool, and I liked a lot about it. Cricket was sweet and well-meaning, with enough personality to make her solid. The atmosphere of Nantucket reminded me of Moonglass (a book I make a point to reread often), and her development was lovely, like The Summer I Turned Pretty. It was rather simply a rewarding coming-of-age that touched lightly on topics that I could see appealing to a lot of teen girls I know.

And these are on my list, sure, but I also have a ton of others that I'm considering. This break, I read a lot more than I expected, and I also know that my finals procrastination will likely include sneaking a few chapters. If you have any recommendation for YA that's come out in the past year, feel free to shoot them my way because I'm building a list of books to check out while I'm home. Really feeling language-oriented reads and soft coming-of-age books about strong gals. The more overlap, the better.

What are y'all reading this month?