Fall Blog Goals

Hey y'all!It's Grace here, writing on my last day off during Camp Illahee's two-week August session. It's been a blast, but I'm also pretty happy to have spent my evening lounging lakeside with some parfait (made with my ma's homemade granola that came in the mail today!) and a good book or two.If you've been reading the blog for a while, you know I love making goals. I make them around my blogoversary, the new year, and going into the school year. I doodle them into my planner margins endlessly. One of my campers meditates for eleven minutes a day and I'm thisclose to joining with her. Going into this year, I want focus.Some of my goals always revolve around reading habits. Others around the more businesslike aspects of the blog. Still more about my personal life (and those goals are never-ending.)Since we're nearing that time of year, I'd love to share some with y'all -- and keep myself accountable! Without further ado, here's what I'm hoping to do in the fall.My first year of college was an adjustment. Among the chaos (and the joys!) I had a lot of trouble making time to read books, much less review them. Suddenly plunged into unfamiliarity, I derived a lot of comforts from great rereads I knew would satisfy me. Looking back at the year now though, I find myself tremendously disappointed by how little I branched out into new releases. How behind I was in upcoming seasons. I want to get back to the Grace who has a shiny spreadsheet of fresh titles and is furiously emailing to find the best way to spotlight debut authors, etc,.Going along with that, I want to actually finish book series that I start. I've been so scared for so long -- I'm a finales wimp -- about the concept of saying goodbye to my favorite worlds and characters. What if it doesn't end the way I hope it will? Isn't it better to just have a story going on continuously in my head, stuck in this infinite loop of time and space? I always cry, no matter if they end happily or sadly. Just by the pure emotion of having a separate realm cut off and rounded out. But they do make me feel powerfully and I want that. I want that sense of closure now, and I think I'm ready for it.I go through phases with my local library. Both in Lexington and in Tampa. Although I've spent many a study night in Leyburn, I never actually check out books for my enjoyment. And as for our Hillsborough County library -- I forget it exists much more often than I should. Like, how amazing is it that I can check out audiobooks and ebooks? Even while I'm at college, I can use my HCPLC card from Tampa to read books I've been dying to read. This would help with the new releases and the series finales. Plus, reading can become an expensive habit. I'd love to save some money, and ease the hurt on my wallet.

Both as part of my desire to immerse myself in the book industry again -- I love love love this community -- and to explore more of the world around me, I'd consider it a privilege to be able to go to more conferences and festivals in the area. I'll finally have a car at school this year (so lucky), and I want to road trip if I have a dead weekend. I love W&L, but I feel like it'll be good for my headspace to be able to chase my passions outside of Lexington at some points. I'm already cooking up potential travels and cross-referencing trip guides. For the record, I might not have mentioned it on WLS before, but that's my secret hobby. I always plan imaginary trips and put the info in this massive folder on my computer. I've mapped out so many ventures I'll never actually get to take, with the whole shebang: flight itineraries, fun spots, expense spreadsheets, etc,.This goal nearly always sneaks into my lists. Although I love Words Like Silver and I've developed a steady community over the past six years, I'm always looking to grow. Try new things, talk to new people. Last year, I definitely beefed up my Instagram. In that time, however, I did neglect my Twitter quite a lot. And I'd love to remember to cross-post on Pinterest and Facebook. And hey, who could forget Goodreads? Some friends are trying to get me to join another platform but I'm still considering...So many goals, so little time. In a given year, I always have so much I want to accomplish. They cross over into a lot of sections of my life. On the EC, I want to improve communications and fully represent under-appreciated areas of campus (especially low-income students.) In my personal life, I want to straighten out my sleeping habits and spend more time alone. Do things I love that I've lost -- get back into piano, try out a new major, waste less time on my phone. Finish projects.

What do y'all want to do this year?