Fall Coffeeshop Reviews

Hey y'all!

It's Grace here, at the tail end of Thanksgiving Break. While it's been lovely in terms of getting some more books under my belt -- eleven, so far -- it's only serving to remind me exactly how much work I have when I get back.

I'm a planner gal, so I put everything into my agenda; a few weeks ago, when I misplaced it, the world was ending. Luckily, I'm back to scheduling everything to-the-minute, which also makes me realize that I may never actually see the light of Winter Break.We all know what that much work means: coffeeshops.What a few of y'all may not know is that my work-study involves working on W&L's social media, which is so much fun. I wrote a post about a month ago reviewing coffeeshops around the area, and figured I'd go ahead and share it with y'all. Without further ado, here are some of the shops I've frequented in recent months. You can read my original post here




Although a little out of the way, Happycoffee was worth checking out. Nestled in small town Bedford, a scenic drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway will empty you out here. Unfortunately, the lighting issue was enough to put it out of the running for a study spot, but perhaps it has its use as a lunch spot. 3/5.Drinks: A definite assortment.Food: An extensive menu of sandwiches and similar options.Lighting: Limited.Seating: Two rows of wooden booths, as well as a cushioned area near the back.Crowded? No.


Third Wave Coffee

Right outside of Lynchburg, Third Wave Coffee is a definite gem. The drinks are reasonably priced for their quality, and the ambience is trendy but welcoming. 4/5.Drinks: Simple, but with enough variety to satisfy. Their matcha latte is a personal favorite.Food: Third Wave doesn’t offer much in terms of food options, but their coffee makes up for it.Lighting: Bright.Seating: Industrial-looking chairs, a leather couch, and space up at the bar.Crowded? No.


Mudhouse Coffee

A small town right outside of Charlottesville, Crozet evokes a similar spirit to Lexington. Mudhouse Coffee is located next to some shops, but retains a warehouse vibe. The space itself is atmospheric – with leather booth seating, velvet curtains, and ironwork lights. The drinks are delicious, and it’s well-lit, making it the favorite study spot of some nearby UVA students. 5/5.Drinks: A little pricey, but with a solid menu and flavor.Food: A few pastry options.Lighting: Bright.Seating: Variety of couches, tables, and booths.Crowded: Not particularly.


Grit Coffee – on the Corner

A cozy Cavalier favorite, Grit Coffee has a nice vibe stuffed with leather armchairs, chalkboard wall signs, and even outdoor seating. While funky, it’s also approachable and perfect for camping out. The lighting is bright enough for work. 4.5/5.Drinks: Straightforward. If you don’t see your preferred drink on the menu, they encourage you to ask for it.Food: A few pastry options.Seating: Options of armchairs or tables.Crowded? Usually, but the amount of seating means this is rarely an issue.

What coffee shops do y'all love?