January To-Read List

Hey y'all!It's been a busy January here in Virginia -- one of those months that's almost over before I get the chance to blink. I've been thrown into a lot, but trying to take enough time to myself to rest and recharge while everyone around me seemingly has the flu. Fingers crossed!I didn't go into my semester with books I wanted to read this month, mostly because I knew it would likely be my most frenzied time of year. (Junior year has been my busiest year, and winter term should be my busiest season.) Still, I've had some titles tucked away as a breath of fresh air for me -- a 9 P.M., early-to-bed treat when I want my thoughts to quiet and a story to pull me away.Without further ado, here are the books I have planned for the rest of the month.

Heartless by Marissa Meyer | GoodreadsThe First Word: The Search for the Origins of Language by Christine Kenneally | Goodreads

I'm hoping to review Heartless when I'm done, because I want to share my LOVE for Marissa Meyer. As for the second, it'll result in two presentations and a ten-page paper. You, however, can avoid the academics by perusing some of my other favorite scientific reads!

What have y'all been reading this month?

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