My 5 Favorite Coffeeshops of the Summer (So Far)

Hey y'all!It’s Canada Day, I'm at my family's cottage in Ontario, and I'm settled in with about twenty books that I've been stockpiling for the summer. For one, I didn't get to read as much as I would have liked during my freshman year of college, and fully plan on making that a priority for my sophomore go-round. For another, I always save the thick reads for summertime because I can set aside a day or two reserved specifically for them, as opposed to slugging through them over months and getting tired out. Exciting times, are they not?It's pretty gray up here right now. Choppy waves, storms. As lovely as it is to wake up to rain pounding the tin roof, I'm aching for some sunshine. (Although curling up inside with some cocoa and a nice read is great too.) We haven't even had one pretty day, which is disappointing since normally we lounge around by the lakefront and get some sunshine under our skin.So naturally, I've been headed to coffeeshops. Although I haven't gotten to poke around a lot in Port Hope and surrounding areas, I have been exploring a lot during my time in Asheville and the Carolinas. During camp off days, all I want is to sit in a coffeeshop and be alone for a little while. So I figured I'd share the places I've been evaluating (in no particular order.)

The Shops

1. Coyote Coffee Cafe -- Pickens, South Carolina.Coyote Coffee Cafe was a find Hannah and I stumbled upon during the drive from Clemson to Brevard. After visiting my sister, we weren't quite ready to go back to the camp grind. We camped out in there for a little while -- she working on her business school application, me working on the blog -- until it started pouring. Which was naturally, when we had to leave. (It has such atmosphere, y'all: blue metal chairs, little flowers, chalkboard signs. And delicious coffee and sandwiches.)2. World Coffee Cafe -- Asheville, North Carolina -- Downtown.Okay, y'all, I dig Asheville. I found so many tucked away little corners that I adored. Hannah's big at UNC -- who's from Asheville -- recommended this one. While I found the menu to be a tad overwhelming and the atmosphere to be a little underwhelming, I loved curling up by the window with a latte.3. Methodical Coffee -- Greenville, South Carolina -- Downtown.While it's a little hard to find, Methodical Coffee was worth blindly wandering. It has a bit of a sparse feel to it: a lot of whites and metal. Despite being a bit minimal, it also boasts china saucers, old pieces of art hanging the walls, gold-foiled wallpaper. It's funky but understated. Also, their raspberry latte was worth the experimentation.4. Coffee Public -- Port Hope, Ontario.To preface, I never expect anyone to recognize W&L. So when I walked into a little coffee shop in small town Canada, the last thing I expected was for the owner to tell me he almost played soccer there. (Go Gennies!) Anyhow, while I scrambled in my bag for change, he told me about their specialties for the day, let me open a tab, and I marveled at my surroundings. Loved the vibe. Extra love for a marvelously kind staff and community feel. Also, their iced maple latte was sinfully good.5. Odd's Cafe -- Asheville, North Carolina -- West.During the Opening Day of the second camp session (which I was not a part of,) I had to make myself scarce. So I drove to West Asheville purely for this cafe that I found out about from Mary in Cabin 11. Not only did I have the best breakfast at West End Bakery (best biscuit I've had in my entire life,) but I spent the rest of my afternoon lounging around in Odd's. I loved how expansive and inventive their menu was. I loved a lot about the atmosphere -- dark wood tables, leather booth seats, murals, colorful fliers. Bonus points for a sharing shelf. Their matcha smoothie was divine.

What are y'all's favorite coffeeshops?