My Top 5 Bookstagram Obsessions

Hey y'all!First off, this is my first (official) post as a high school senior which is exciting - read: scary. It's been a crazy-tiring week, just getting used to getting up early again. See, at camp, I was up early but I also had a lot of coffee and loved my job and being around my girls! I was excited for the day!I do love school (I'm a dork, as y'all already know) but it's significantly more difficult to motivate myself. So that's been my week so far. The only thing keeping me going will be the thought of finally knowing where I'm going to school, and sneaking in to use the Keurig while I'm working in the writing center. Senior year is fun so far, in the first few days and events though. I love my high school.In any case, I wanted to do something really exciting today. I've seen a lot of blogger love floating around recently and I really wanted to join in! I know - or at least religiously read - a lot of bloggers. And what's really been interesting for me lately is getting involved in all the social media communities with other readers! I've been obsessed with Instagram recently, or as we like to call the sphere, bookstagram.I've written about how I take my photos before on the blog due to request. Obviously, I'm not a great photographer - my twin, Hannah, is REALLY into photography and REALLY good at it, so I try not to intrude on that too much. But I've gotten really involved with learning how to brand my blog (shoutout to Whitney Blake - she taught me everything I know) and it's really fun! Here are some of my recent posts.



@wlsgrace // link

More specifically, I've been getting into the bookstagram community - there are beautiful pictures of books out there! Bonus: I also started using Snapchat again - you can add me at @wlsgrace for up-to-date peeks into current reads, obsessions, and complaints about homework (oops.) But without further ado, here are a few of my favorite accounts.




@bookbaristas // link

Book Baristas is probably my favorite bookstagram account, just because they're very vibrant and crisp. It has a professional vibe with perfectly placed everything. Plus, they have mugs. (I have a weakness for mugs.) It's a nice balance of everything.


@paperiot // link

Judith is underrated. Her branding - and her creativity behind her photos - is absolutely phenomenal. Recently, her feed's changed a bit from greyscale to shades of brown, and I love it! If any of y'all adore Vsco, you'd probably love the close-up, woodsy air of her photos and life.


@wordrevel // link

Joséphine has simple (but striking) photos. Her camera quality makes me swoon. Plus, I find the opinions she has on the book community - and many books - to be fascinating. Those graphics! (And she just recently started commenting on here, which made me fangirl.)


@lookingforabura // link

Like with Judith, I love Abeer's brown-scheme. It feels vaguely bohemian, despite highlighting a ton of wonderful YA novels. It's well-curate and different enough to always keep me excited to scroll through my feed.


@novelsounds // link

Elena just recently stopped blogging (which made me sad, because Novel Sounds was one of my favorite blogs to read) but that's because she's on to bigger, brighter things! I always check in on her via Instagram because she posts the prettiest, coziest photos of cluttered bookstores and recent picks. Love it!

What are your favorite accounts? Do you #bookstagram?

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