November TBR

Hey y'all!It's Grace here, after a long month. As I'm settling back into a non-midterm-oriented routine, I'm starting to get back into the books I love. Plus, having free evenings has actually meant (gasp!) that I've had reading time before bed.While I'm currently in the middle of a massive sequel of a fantasy and a philosophical examination of the relationship between love and loneliness, I'm feeling ambitious about the books I can tackle in November. Especially considering that I'll have a week of Thanksgiving break in which I can be blissfully antisocial.My goal as of now is to finish some storylines I started over the summer before I go in on some entirely new books. We'll see, shall we?

The Books

Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman | Goodreads

When I visited one of my best friends in Providence, she had a bookshelf that was full of books I've been dying to read. Somebody remind me to check out Catherine's recommendations more often; our book taste is pretty spot on. Sometimes I like to lurk on Book Pickings as well, but it's harder for me to determine what's also readable for people who aren't as up-to-date on academic musings, like me. I love the mixture of whimsicality and philosophy.

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater | Goodreads

While Maggie Stiefvater's following series won my heart on audio, I've thoroughly enjoyed her previous books. Her gift for writing is unparalleled, and she is unequivocally my favorite writer. Shiver was the first book of hers that I read, and it captures the flavor of winter as well as that sharp paranormal tension that was so popular a few years back. It plays with temperature as a theme, has a stunning romance, and the pacing is masterful. I started it on audio while I've been driving around, and I'm already halfway through -- so engrossing.

The Last Ever After by Soman Chainani | Goodreads

When I read this middle grade over the summer, I came to the conclusion that it was the next The Mysterious Benedict Society or The 13th Reality series for me. When I read a middle grade I love, I fall hard. The structure and plot twists are absolutely phenomenal. I attempted to read this one in September, but then my library card expired. Plus, I love a good fairy tale. Over Thanksgiving break, I want to curl up by a bonfire with some cider and read this one straight through.

The Lives of Desperate Girls by MacKenzie Common | Goodreads

I tend to be hit-or-miss with thrillers about missing girls, especially in YA, but this one calls to me in other ways. For one, I love that it takes place in Canada. For another, "unforgiving small  town" is such a buzz phrase for me. Having lived in a small town this year and last, I'm fascinated by the differences in dynamics from place to place. Plus, it's time for me to read another compelling mystery. Love the coloring of the cover, by the way.

A Severe Mercy: A Story of Faith, Tragedy, and Triumph by Sheldon Vanauken | Goodreads

You know there are some people who, when they recommend a book to you, you're compelled to read it? I'm not sure this is up my alley -- my readings on religion tend to be philosophical rather than autobiographical -- but I know I have to carve out time for it! Although I haven't read much C.S. Lewis, I've always heard great things about his other writings and I'd love to read more works that have his influence, even secondarily.

In conjunction with the books I'm already reading -- which I don't expect to finish right away -- and manuscripts to read, I'll be pretty set! I'm leaving some room for other reads to sneak in there -- especially since I'll be home and likely swapping out some of the books I brought with me.

What are y'all planning on reading this month?