September To-Read List

Hey y’all!It’s Grace, on a rather busy Thursday.It's Grace, on a rather busy Saturday night, because I sat down to write this on Thursday and immediately got assailed by a robust to-do list.Since coming to school, I've been great about real-person-things like sleeping, and so I haven't been too tired yet. Today is all the coffee though because I've been goinggoinggoing in terms of editing and branding. I love the chaos of September because it's all a mad scramble for routine, you're trying to meet everyone, and you're also trying to get yourself together. It's a fun time if you're okay with rolling with the punches.I read a ton before school started -- and wrapped up my summer nicely -- but haven't had a ton of time to read yet at school. I asked readers on my Instagram how they found time to read, and got some solid responses! If you have any advice or routines, I'd love to hear about them.Looking back at my August TBR, I'm pretty damn proud of how many of them I stuck with reading, while giving myself room to check out some others.Because September has been kind of chaotic, I'm going to give myself just a few book goals. I'm already halfway through September (whoops) so here's me just finishing up.


More Than We Can Tell by Brigid Kemmerer | Goodreads

More Than We Can Tell focuses on some topics I'm fascinated by -- girls who code, foster kids, complex relationships. I'm in the mood for a tangled, character-driven read and I've heard folks raving about this one. It seems like a quiet read, which could be lovely.

16 Ways to Break a Heart by Lauren Strasnick | Goodreads

I would love to see more breakup stories in YA. Toxic, messy relationships with glimmers of joy in them. I'd like to read a well-balanced story that tackles all the sides. I've heard this one is crazy, but also strong. Plus, it's such a little detail but I love sunset-colored book covers.

Just One Night by Gayle Forman | Goodreads

I recently reread Just One Day, which I appreciated infinitely more the second (or third?) time around. Although Allyson could be difficult at times, I empathized with her in more ways than I expected. Plus, the global vibe of these reads -- and the tumultuous realism of the relationship (the idea of a person vs. the person himself) -- keeps me riveted. Hoping for a happy ending of a novella?

What are y'all reading this month?