Spring Break TBR

Hey pals!Glad to be back -- I had my sister confiscate my blog password for the week so I wouldn't be tempted during finals week.I write to you from a perch on my couch, on which I have taken up residence to battle my latest case of bronchitis and to watch the Harry Potter movies, which I have not done in years. While I'm unfortunately tied all up in my nebulizer (asthma is a trip!) and finishing up some final essays while I have a fever, spring break is upon me. Today as I rolled off the plane into that Tampa sunshine, the air felt good although my body does not. It looks like I'll be taking a few days to myself to recover, but I'm headed to Gulf Shores in Alabama on Tuesday, where I will undoubtedly lounge beachside for the week with a stack of books and some friends.Now that finals are over, I can finally let myself read.Once I finish these, I'm fully planning on letting myself explore Barnes & Noble for an hour or so. Finding a serendipitous beach read or two.

my immediate priorities

Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton

I'm partway through this one now and loving it. Alwyn Hamilton pulls no punches, and her plot twists are phenomenal. Rebel of the Sands was one of my favorite books of 2016, and Traitor to the Throne blew my mind. I'm not looking forward to this series being over -- all atmosphere and intensity.

The Case for Jamie by Brittany Cavallaro

When I think of finishing The Case for Jamie and having to wait another year for the next installation, my heart twists a little (still a much better prospect than what the series originally had in store, which was that The Case for Jamie would be the final book.) The characters are so vibrant and alive, with unbearably clever storylines. Rocks my world. All-time favorite, for sure.

The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan

I read about fifty pages of The Astonishing Color of After before school picked up. It's heavy and slow, but has a gorgeous style. The narrative is subtle, with emotion woven through each line; it's a read I've savored in pieces, and I recognize that I should continue reading it that way. I'm such a sucker for synesthesia (and wrote my final paper on that in  Autobiography of Redone of my favorite books from last year, for a course I took last winter.) I'm eager to see how it stacks up.Those are my three priorities, although I fully plan on doing vacation-mode, during which I read approximately two books a day -- even when I'm on my conventional spring break. The bright side to collecting books now, also, is that I generally have more reading time spring term if I make time for it -- and I'll have all summer regardless as a kind of last hurrah.

some thoughts I've tossed around

I want to read another funny book, one I'll love as much as  You'll Grow Out of It

I'd love to reread the Harry Potter series because I'm going through another obsession, but perhaps that's a thought for the summer?

I should binge a series that's been on my list forever.

what do y'all think?

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