Top Ten Things on My Reading Wishlist

Hey y'all!I'm very excited for this week's Top Ten Tuesday. For those of y'all who have never seen this before, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely ladies over at the Broke and the Bookish.This week's topic: wish lists! Whether it's for specific books or elements that you'd like to find in your next batch of reads, everybody has their own secret reading wish list. I have a few things that I'm always dying to find in books!

Without further ado, here's my Top Ten Things on My Reading Wishlist:

Lost Voices (Lost Voices, #1)

1. Awkward love storiesY'all know the type I'm talking about - in the vein of Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. Romance now is kind of separated into two categories - realistic for us and realistic for YA. There's the stereotypical YA love interest and they're totally perfect for the book. Even if the characters are messed up, they're messed up perfectly. I want flaws; I want real, vulnerable people. I want honest descriptions of everything, not the storybook versions. I want people who have awkward experiences together and not everything works out all the time but it's still love despite. That's one of the reasons why I think we were all so enthralled by Eleanor & Park. The fact that Rainbow Rowell caused us to be so excited by Park holding Eleanor's hand for the first time was incredible and I'd love to see more of those types of stories.2. Funny booksI don't mean quirky. I love quirky books just as much as the next person but there's a point where quirky loses the humor. There are so many quirky characters in YA and weird books and funny lines but not as many purely funny books anymore. I don't really know why - maybe they're just not the type of book I notice - but I want a book that will make me laugh until I cry. The last books I remember doing that are Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan and The Squad: Perfect Cover by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.3. An engrossing paranormal series that isn't a trilogyI love trilogies just as much as the next person, but I get really tired of them pretty easily. I want something like the Vampire Academy series. I miss books like that. They set up a compelling world, and keep the action going for more than a couple books. I never once could analyze those books - they were cinematic experiences, not the usual formulaic trilogy book. Not quite as long as the Morganville Vampires or House of Night series, but enough to keep me going for more than a few years and thirsting for the next in the series. The series that currently fulfills this wish for me is the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, the first book being Cinder.4. Fractured fairytales with poetic writingI will never get tired of fairytales. Whether it's a lighthearted spin on a beloved classic or a darker take on a story that makes it haunting, I'm always scouring the shelves for fairytales. MG, YA, you name it. I love anything related to fairytales and I love retellings about basically anything. I love seeing underbellies to stories and expanding on little-known backstories and all of that. If I could get a really excellent writer - preferably with a background in poetry or otherwise lyrical writing - and that writer could retell every fairytale imaginable, I would be beyond happy. Beautiful fairytales, okay?5. Books at or about boarding schools If you've never had a daydream about going to a cliché boarding school, you're lying. Despite hating the uniforms when I went to private school (PreK - 8th grade), there's something so enthralling about boarding school reads. It's just interesting. Whether it's the classy lineage of The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, the dangerous nature of the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter, or the simply normal setting of The MockingbirdsI'd love to read about it. Artistic schools, preppy schools, normal schools, whatever. I love them all.6. Books about the oceanEvery single time I go to the beach, I bring a beach read or a mermaid book. If I'm reading a mermaid book for the first time, I have to read it at the beach. I'm compelled. As far as I'm concerned, there will never be enough beach reads. I'm Floridian so naturally I'm obsessed with the beach. Whether the protagonist loves surfing, simply happens to be at the beach, or has a supernatural reason behind the craving to be near the sea, I love it. I find those books refreshing, every take on the ocean slightly different. From the eerie darkness of Lost Voices to the upbeat nature of Beach Blondesbeach reads will never get boring.7. Books that take place in foreign countriesI want two things: I want to travel and I want to read excellent books. I have the worst wanderlust sometimes and just want to experience the world. There's a reason they say, when you're reading, you can travel the world without leaving your room. Part of Daughter of Smoke and Bone's appeal was the fact that Karou, the main character, lived in Prague. Languages danced off of her tongue. I want to read books in other countries, with other languages and cultures. Even if it's a country more commonly written about (Great Britain makes an appearance in a lot of YA books), I am much more likely to pick it up if it's an often-seen story simply written in another area. I love knowing all these little things just because of the books I read, the unspoken guides to the countries I one day hope to visit.8. Weird writing stylesI love love love interesting writing styles. Tahereh Mafi made such a splash with Shatter Me not only with her ethereal writing but with her thoughtful use of strike-throughs! The Sky is Everywhere added to the impact with poems written on receipts, pictures of tree branches with scrawled words, etc,. Emails, text messages, poem structures, narration by Death (The Book Thief by Markus Zusak), anything that's slightly different. Even just in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater, the formatting is interesting: the font color is exactly the same as the color on the cover of the book. For the first book, blue. The second was green. The third, red. It's the little things like that - unusual perspectives, grammatical changes, formatting risks. More, please!9. Protagonists with interesting talents or passionsIf a protagonist has an interesting talent, plays a weird sport, or is in other ways "differently" talented, I automatically pick it up. Whether it's ingrained in them from an early age (a la Lucy from The Lucy Variations by Sara Zarr and her zest for piano) or a random skill they just happen to cultivate (for example, DJing in This Song Will Save Your Life), I love seeing interesting talents. Better if they're insanely intense about it. I'm pretty intense about books, editing, and the like, but I still sometimes wish that I had gotten really deeply involved in an interesting sport when I was younger. I love hearing about people who are really excellent at what they do and work at something that sets them apart. Can I read about gymnasts? Dancers? Archers? DJs? A cappella singers? Bakers? Hackers? Passionate characters are my favorite!10. Normal books in different decadesNowadays, you see so many tweets and all that are like "ugh, I wish I lived in the fifties." Personally, I find myself fascinated by all these stories, especially hearing about my high school fifty years ago by my grandmother. She'll tell me about how her friends used to eat lunch in the front of the school, before they added the administration buildings. Or about being a cheerleader, with skirts that went past their knees and the things that she and her friends used to do on the weekends. I watch classic movies and am completely enraptured by the effortless charm of other time periods - whether it be a small jump away like the 90s or earlier, like the 30s. Not so much historical fiction, to where there's heavy influence on the time period, but a subtle background to the story. I'd love to see more YA infused with the experiences of those who grew up in the time period. Despite differences, growing up still has similar struggles and feelings despite the time period. I'd love to see this in YA!

What trends do y'all want to see? Let me know in the comments!