WLS Goals

Hey y'all!I'm having a riveting morning in the city -- in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, actually -- drinking some cold brew out of a funky black-and-white spattered cup and typing away. Although normally when I'm in New York (read: on rare occasions), I'm booked nonstop, I'm also trying to keep in mind that I don't want to be burnt out when I do go back to school.A lot of what I can make happen for myself involves being fresh and ready to tackle schoolwork, policies I'm trying to change, and chip away at small projects on a day-to-day, class-by-class basis.With that being said, giving myself the time to think about what all I can do has already given me some ideas I'm itching to put into place.Words Like Silver has always been my jumping off point. My avenue. It's lead me to editorial opportunities, internships, people I find fascinating, my niche of sorts in both a personal and professional sense. Creativity, with a streak of stubbornness and insistence to make something happen. While that might sound idealistic, I'm always looking to improve and continue running it in the best way I possibly can. (Especially in college, where that gets hard.)Publishing as a whole feels all-consuming sometimes. Like it's either all or nothing. It's a social, passionate industry. When I'm in publishing mode, I lose track of the other bits of myself, and vice versa.I'm always better at doing things when I'm held accountable for them -- hey hey dear readers! -- so that's why I'm being public about them.Here are some little ways I'm going to try and incorporate that more while I am at school.

  • Post about more new releases rather than older reads. Read lots of 2018 titles and share the love.
  • Start driving sales via affiliate program (at Powell's! Help a gal out and support indie bookstores -- and my Cape Town fund.)
  • Vary content -- mood boards, author interviews, etc,. Do straight-up reviews get boring? Utilize my designs!
  • More consistent social media usage/pushing posts after I write them. I've gotten so bad about that this year because I'm not on Twitter as often.
  • Be less picky about what I post on Instagram, i.e. post more often.
  • Write reviews directly after finishing a book.

Proud of myself for: posting on Instagram stories consistently, even if that doesn't always cross-over to the blog. I should get better about rounding up all my coffeeshop Instagram posts, for example, into a blog. Or once a month, feature all the calligraphy I've done. Elements like those that I consistently produce and showcase.Skills I want to get better at/hone: calligraphy/lettering, graphic design, coding, drawing, photo styling.

  • Keep in contact with publishing friends.
  • Remember to send my reviews to publicists when I write them!
  • Figure out internship for the summer.
  • Learn more about the foreign rights sector.

Proud of myself for: making an effort to become more familiar with elements of the industry that are more opaque or not immediately obvious.

  • Assemble graphics and all into portfolio.
  • Start selling my calligraphy (and letter more book quotes!)
  • Revise my current manuscript.
  • Edit for critique partner!

Proud of myself for: embracing more of my artistic side, spending hours in the dark room, getting more consistent with my design style. Ultimately, I'd love to end up doing something in which I get to curate -- words, arts, ideas.

  • Do not get sick.
  • Continue on my health kick. Finish the whole30!
  • Set aside time for being social with people I love and miss.
  • Start dressing up more for class despite any sleep deprivation.
  • Be a kind, inclusive person to everyone.

Proud of myself for: sticking to my sense of self while still pushing myself to get out of my shell more.I have other goals related to my extracurricular work (read: policy for the Executive Committee, increasing inclusivity on campus, etc,.), but this is what I can do.Knowing myself, I'll warp these and add to them a billion times, but I'm hoping just for progress. Progress, always.Going into any goals, I'm a habit tracker. If I start something, I stick with it. The second I let it go, it's gone until I get the energy to kickstart it again. Generally, I'm stubborn enough to will it into existence -- which is why I'm trying to focus on little things I can do to consistently make WLS better. I just need to know what I want to do, and work to make it happen.

What are y'all's spring goals?