A Day in the Life -- December 23, 2017

Hey y'all!Happy holidays! Although I've posted a little book-related content after finals, it's been a while since I've done this feature. I always love putting up A Day in the Life when I've been away from the blog for a time -- or just have gone a long while without any personal updates. While I wait for my coffee to kick in, here's the latest.

The Books

Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez | GoodreadsAll I Want to Do Is Live by Trace Ramsey | GoodreadsSpeak Easy, Speak Love by McKelle George | Review | GoodreadsLovely, Dark, and Deep by Amy McNamara | GoodreadsHyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh | GoodreadsA Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh | GoodreadsBeautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl | GoodreadsI'm only hovering around 130 for the year so far -- which is a little disappointing just because in recent years I've been experiencing a downward trend -- but school has been a lot. I've still been reading a lot over breaks, and I've gotten better about stealing time for books when I can this fall. I'm solidly in the middle of the more "adult"ish books -- All I Want to Do Is Live and Love in the Time of Cholera -- while trying to end my year with some newer YA releases. Adding a wintery reread and a sultry Southern gothic and a laugh-out-loud book of comic essays for some freshness. Rock on.

The Posts

With finals, I haven't gotten too much up, but I've loved what I've managed to stick up on the blog! For one, I adored the Shakespeare-meets-1920s retelling I just read, and gushed about it in my review. Before that, I posted about books that capture evocative winter atmospheres -- mostly wistful snow days and frosty woods, but some with Christmas cheer. As usual, I put up some books I'm hoping to finish while I'm home this month. Before that, I shared some coffee shop haunts that I love in my Virginia domain. And before that, I talked about one of the most abstractly written books I've read in a while -- a coming-of-age about a fiercely religious black girl encountering teenage challenges for the first time. I love books that take literary risks.

The Life

It's bizarre to look at Words Like Silver and see that I haven't updated y'all since over the summer. Sophomore year's had a lot (mostly good!) going on, and it's only December. At the same time, I've also felt way more comfortable at school and so I think overall I've been a lot happier.After camp, I essentially went home and slept for a week. Two of my best friends -- Rexx and Chase -- came down to visit, which was really nice. It feels like most of my favorite things to do in Tampa though are outside, so it was a bummer that the weather wasn't predicted to be great. Took them to some haunts. Watched too much Game of Thrones. Shopped for my debutante dress -- which somehow, I'd never made the connection was a wedding dress.Summer obsessions: rollerblading, açai bowls, my sketchbook, and smooth jazz.Going back to Lexington was exceedingly bizarre. In some ways, nothing had changed. But I had a lot more clarity in what I wanted to do, which was nice.I'm one of those people who hits the ground running. If I start a routine, I stick with it but the second it drops, it's gone. So every day I'd get up, work out, answer emails, and have a huge chunk of my day done before 10 A.M. While I didn't keep that up past the end of October, that's a definite goal of mine going back for the winter.Academically, I have to pick a major this year. Although I always thought it'd be an easy choice (English), I've actually been pretty torn. Even my winter schedule still incorporates most of my interests -- which doesn't help me narrow it down.Whatever I want to do when I'm older hopefully involves books, creative projects, and some type of professional or businesslike atmosphere. We shall see. I'm looking at the possibility of pitching my own major centered around the philosophical study of aesthetics -- a more interdisciplinary type of work.Living in the sorority house has been fun, although I don't spend nearly enough time there as I'd like. I'm usually on campus, working on extracurriculars or projects. Executive Committee -- W&L's version of student government -- takes up the majority of my time.I started my work-study this year, WLULex, which is W&L's student-run social media hub. I've loved walking around town taking pictures, covering local events, making graphics. (And snacking on gelato from the café next door.) On the weekends, I often day-trip to nearby towns to poke through coffee shops and write or study. With all that going on, I quickly gave into my antisocial blur of a semester.Fall obsessions: cider, blue-light glasses, white noise, affogato, charcoal on my hands, studying outside.In October, I got out of Lexington a little more. Homecoming Weekend was lovely, just popping around to different places alone. For reading days, I went to UNC to visit my twin sister -- which has been a lot more doable this year -- and studied for a midterm. Driving in the mountains with the light dimming is one of my absolute favorite feelings, especially when the leaves are changing and falling.At the end of the month, I went up to visit one of my best friends at Brown, and had such a vivid time. She's one of those people I forget how much I click with until I'm there with her in person -- and she's shared so many of my formative conversations and experiences. And I was obsessed with Providence. I love any place that is characteristically distinct.Providence obsessions: pumpkin pancakes, worn-in sweaters, grungy diners, philosophy books, old records, hot tea, that heavy red feeling of autumn.November and December quickly got pretty busy. I got more of a feel for my classes -- and discovered that I dislike journalism -- and connected with some folks I'd never really talked to before. I went to my sorority's formal in Charlottesville, which was a blast.Over Thanksgiving, I pretty much exclusively laid out in the sun and read voraciously. My brother left for the Army -- basic training in Georgia.Right after that, I was also a debutante in Tampa, which was so over-the-top and also a lot of fun. Just a cozy, family-oriented break.When I got back to school, my life definitely kicked up a few notches. Because study abroad applications and all were due, I had to rapidly decide what my next year is going to look like. I'm obsessed with Cape Town, and I'm trying to find a way to go there over the summer and intern. (If not, it looks likely that I'll end up in London, which would be equally amazing.)We also had Christmas Weekend, which is our second big one at W&L for the year. Lots of tacky sweaters and peppermint and metallic dresses.I had some final projects due -- lots of late nights and coffees. Still, I somehow kept myself together more than I have during finals weeks of previous semesters. My recent obsession has been going to yoga to get out of my head for a little while. Because my travel plans got messed up during the last week, I was also lucky enough to get to pop down to Asheville for my Friday night, a city I love and miss deeply.Now that I'm home, I've been doing almost nothing except for sleeping. I haven't even read that much. I've written a bit, and done some research for my summer. Still, it's been nice to curl up on my couch, even if I don't feel that productive. It's so nice to be in 80 degree weather with little to no responsibility.December obsessions: yoga, Lorde, Riverdale, toffee, the color silver, lettering, yellow books.

What have y'all been up to?