A Day in the Life - February 26, 2017

Hey y'all!It's been pretty quiet on the blog for two weeks or so. First, I had midterms; then I had the flu and bronchitis, which was quite the combination. Washington & Lee gets a week off for George Washington's birthday - which is lovely - but I've actually spent most of it at home trying to get over my illness. (I was supposed to be at UNC Chapel Hill visiting my twin sister; it'll have to happen another time.)In any case, I took the opportunity to catch up on some reading, watch some movies, and gather myself for school. While I'm getting ready, I figured I'd update y'all on the happenings that've kept me a little further away from the blog this year.

The Books

The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma | GoodreadsWinter by Marissa Meyer | GoodreadsThe Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh | GoodreadsThe Rose and the Dagger by Renée Ahdieh | GoodreadsThe Consequence of Loving Colton by Rachel Van Dyken | GoodreadsJust Kids by Patti Smith | Goodreads Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater, narrated by Will Patton | GoodreadsAbout half of these are rereads. For one, February put me in the mood to read a really fabulous romance (like The Wrath and the Dawn.) I'm re-listening to Blue Lily, Lily Blue so that I can listen to The Raven King when I get back to school. Pretty sure I woke up my roommate one morning laughing to The Consequence of Loving Colton, a fully hilarious book. As for new reads, I've been dying to finish Winter and that series. I also wholeheartedly trust anything my senior friend gives me, hence Just Kids. Meanwhile, I've been attempting to get to The Walls Around Us for about two years now, and Nova Ren Suma always packs a punch.

The Posts

Like I said, I've been gone lately. (Just absolutely destroyed with fevers.) So I only had a few Waiting on Wednesday posts that I'd scheduled previously. Like this Middle Eastern and desert-influenced sequel that I'm dying to read. And this Russian masterpiece! And my February TBR, which of course I'm already veering away from. Mood reading for the win. I also was part of the blog tour for Wintersong, and revealed an excerpt. This one looks killer - how often do you see goblins in YA?

The Life

Breakfast with budsAside from the illness, it's been mostly the usual. (Being sick is definitely the usual for me though.)Since November, a lot has happened for me at W&L and for me in general. Joining clubs, making friends, bopping around the mountains. Loving what I'm involved in: Executive Committee, Klazics Dance Crew, Contact Committee, etc.Christmas weekend with my friend AshleyEC is one of my favorite, favorite things in the world. It's so much work and it can be difficult, but it's all about fields I'm extraordinarily passionate about. One of my big projects this year has been trying to improve certain aspects of college life for low-income students, and making strides in that has been so rewarding. Klazics is the hip hop team, which is a blast. Contact Committee is epic too; we suggest and arrange for high-profile speakers to come to W&L. Our last one was A-Rod. I joined a sorority - formerly Kappa Delta - that just went local. I think we're considered just Delta now? Either way, I love the girls, I love their unabashedly honest way of carrying themselves, and I love what I've gotten to do with them. All good things.In December, we were busy. Christmas Weekend, then finals. Then home - some much-needed sunshine and family time. In January, we had rush and a single snow day. (For some reason, I thought Virginia would be a lot snowier than it is? Most of my Northern friends laughed at me when I first said that.)our snow day and my friend McKinleyMy schedule this semester is more of the same. I came in with so many AP credits - from a high school that heavily emphasized them - that I really didn't have too many FDR "Foundation and Distribution Requirements" to fulfill. (Except for P.E., hence the weight training course.) Great because I get out of some freshman classes, but bad because I end up in difficult classes. Bright side: already making strides in an English major. Slowly learning how to write papers again, despite rarely doing so in high school.Monday: Latin, Beat Generation, Modern PhilosophyTuesday: Poetry's Otherworlds, Weight TrainingWednesday: Latin, Beat Generation, Modern PhilosophyThursday: Poetry's Otherworlds, Weight TrainingFriday: Latin, Beat Generation, Modern PhilosophyBid Day with my friend AllieI was trying to figure out something book-related to do with my summer, but I'm leaning more towards doing one last summer of camp instead. Just keep my head down, earn some money, get some space to recharge (while simultaneously taking care of many, many children).Plus, I'd get another summer spent with my family at our place in Canada during my two weeks off in July. We'll see though.In January and February, I worked a lot on school and clubs. Watched out for buds during their first few weeks in fraternities. Got used to being in a sorority. Adjusted to the winter - which actually was not nearly as bad as I'd expected. Drank a lot of matcha lemonade and iced coffee.Went to our winter formal in Charlottesville, which was a lot of fun (and I had a great date.) Enjoyed many days of all-nighters, wildflowers, and dancing under blacklights - the college usual, I suppose.Last week was midterms and I was predictably sick - as in, the most ill I've been in years. I ran a ridiculous fever from Wednesday to Saturday, and had to delay one of my Latin exams. (Thank you, nice professors and the honor system.)Now though, it's February Break.I was pretty bummed about having to cut short my visit to my twin sister, Hannah, but hopefully I'll make it down again soon.I had a few lovely days in Tampa. My formal date came down on Friday and I showed him all the sights, like Oxford Exchange and Dairy Joy. We went to the beach, had dinner with my family, drove around Bayshore, etc,. Then I trekked to Gainesville to stay with him and his family.Although I have a ton of friends at UF and FSU, it was actually my first time in Gainesville, and I really enjoyed myself. He showed me the prairie, we walked around downtown (and the white lights and all were gorgeous), got a nice dinner with his family, etc,. I love getting to see where people come from -- their histories, stories, everything. And it was really nice to be out of the W&L context for a little while.One of my favorite weekends for sure. It was really great to finally meet everyone. (Then we made the thirteen-hour drive to Lexington.)As usual, you can keep up with me through my Instagram and my Twitter - although that's been less active as of late! Trying to get more involved in book world again now that I've (mostly) settled into life at school.

What have y'all been up to?