A Day in the Life - July 7, 2016

a day in the lifeHey y’all!It’s Grace, writing from an abandoned island in Canada. My family and I go up every summer, and there's usually no internet - but this year, we have a little. Excuse my lack of links and pictures (mostly.) Today, it looks like Wordpress might be cooperating?I did one of these in April for prom and college, but aside from that, it's been a while. For those of y’all who have never seen it before, A Day in the Life is a feature post I do occasionally to spotlight what’s been going on in my life – as much to illuminate recent posts and books I’ve been loving, as well as simply to share a more personal side of myself on the blog. I really do think I'm going to try and do it more often because it's lots of fun and I've had a lot of events/news lately!

The Books

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThe Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality by Brian Greene | GoodreadsThe Graces by Laure Eve | GoodreadsDeath by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries by Neil deGrasse Tyson | GoodreadsGemini by Sonya Mukherjee | GoodreadsZero Day by Jan Gangsei | GoodreadsHeartless by Marissa Meyer | GoodreadsThe Book of Laughter and Forgetting by Milan Kundera | GoodreadsAt my friend Nic's recommendation, I'm reading The Fabric of the Cosmos. It's engrossing and complex - deals with a lot of small theories, concepts and discoveries in physics and cosmology. It's a pretty esoteric read and way out of my comfort zone, but I'm really loving it. It's taken me forever though: three weeks. (I'm expecting to finish it today.) I don't think I'll review it simply because I think it appeals to a pretty small population, but I'm really glad I read it. On that note, I'm following up with Death by Black Hole since I've been sprawlingly reading it over the past few months.The Graces is one of the books I was most excited for at ALA. The Disney booth surprised me with $5 hardcovers, so how could I say no to Zero Day? I finished it today and LOVED the political thriller aspect; I could definitely devour more of those. Gemini was poignant and touching and so, so personal. The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, was weird and pretty and thoughtful à la Kundera. Reviews to come!Canada's where I try to have a pretty eclectic mix. My father gave me hell for bringing a bag of about thirty books, but I'm really ambitiously reading because I think it's my last shot before easing into college. In the first few months, I know it'll be difficult for me to find time to read.

The Posts

The nice part about being isolated with a bagful of books is that I've been able to crank out some reviews. Normally, I try to balance or focus more on feature posts - lists and wrap-ups and things - because I review a lot on my Instagram. It's been refreshing to feel comfortable writing full reviews again! I posted about the ethereal, thrilling The Call. I also reviewed the blunt, sweet Cherry by Lindsey Rosin. Before that, I had some ALA posts go up - including my recap of my first library conference experience in Orlando. Before that, I did a fun music post and revealed my June TBR.

The Life

the sis and IBefore Canada, I did not get a break.The last weeks of school were weird. I took seven APs (yeah...great idea) so after exams, I was basically done. I legitimately had days where I'd go into the yearbook room during lunch and sleep for an hour. The last day was bittersweet, but didn't hit me as hard as I'd been expecting.I had a week or two after school let out (with lots of explosively themed grad parties: Gatsby, Coachella, etc,.), but I wasn't expecting everything to pick up so quickly. Hannah and I had a super-casual one, which was surprisingly nice. Also, in those weeks, I also had some exciting news as the end of the year wrapped up. Aside from school designations, I also had the honor of being interviewed for a local school's newspaper as well as for the Tampa Bay Business JournalCheck them out if you want to know what I regularly do (and why I love it so much!)I spent the days at the beach, at Dairy Joy, at coffeeshops, having good conversations with friends who would be leaving soon - a lot of Floridians do summer school at UF or FSU - and prepping for the upcoming summer.First, I had graduation; I wasn't particularly excited to sit through a ceremony and watch five hundred people troop across that stage. I ended up tying all the ribbons from my row's fake diplomas together and making a daisy chain of sorts.Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI also had a really, really terrible day on graduation. I got into a car accident. Theo, my Envoy, was fine and I can't bring him to college anyways - a car-sharing company, Turo, actually reached out to me about my options next year, and I've been checking them out! It'll be weird not riding around Tampa with my sister in the passenger seat (she always drives) but I'll make it through. Anyhow, everything that could have possibly gone wrong on graduation did. One of my teachers legitimately brought me to tears when she went out of her way to make it better. In any case, I was glad when it was through and I could just relax with my family.I was counting down the days to Firefly, my first music festival. I had my suitcase packed probably a week before I left, and I was way too meticulous in planning it. Also, as y'all may know from my last Day in the Life post, I'm really close with some people in Delaware so I was ecstatic about seeing them again. (That's weird, I know, but I'm relatively desensitized to distance since I blog so much with people around the country.) Plus, music! Camping! Grit!IMG_9559My week in Delaware - in Wilmington, then Dover for the festival - was unbelievable. I'm always a little shocked when I go up and so easily connect with Catherine and Nic again. It made me extraordinarily happy to be with them, and horribly sad to have to leave them, especially with us all going to different colleges. He's off to Stanford. She's off to Brown. I'm off to W&L. Still, I have faith we'll stay close.Basically, we got up super early on Wednesday to drive the hour or so down to Dover, where we set up camp. Wednesday was pretty chill - very little music - so it was a lot of catching up and exploring the campsites. On Thursday, the music started and we were all running around between the stages, getting insane food from the trucks within the festival, still catching up, meeting people, comparing setlists, etc,. I was expecting to be exhausted by Sunday, the fourth day, but it wasn't that bad; granted, I didn't exactly sleep but I was still so ready for Firefly.I got to hear the most amazing music - Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men, Gallant, Moon Taxi, Jeremy Loops (twice), way more than I can list here. I wrote a Tune In post before I went, featuring some of the people there. And now I have a fabulous new playlist with a lot of new bands that I saw (and loved.)I wrote an essay about it on my personal/writing blog - where I basically free-write thoughts of the day, bits of poems, etc,. I tried to capture the feelings of Firefly - the sun and the dancing and the funny stories. I was happy that I went with the Tower Hill kids because they'd all gone for years before, so I was able to learn the ropes pretty quickly. I quickly figured out which tents to duck through for shortcuts at night, when to charge my phone, how to toss around parts of their vernacular. I was pretty much up for most of the nights, people-watching, sleeping terribly, running around, eating way too much grilled food, dancing in the middle of the Pavilion...and it was so great. Going was the best decision.the campsites around us on the last nightPost-Firefly, I was dead. I don't think I've ever been that tired in my life. I tucked away for a few days, just journaling and sleeping, and drank coffee like water. I only had a day or two to really prepare for ALA Annual in Orlando. I babysat, grabbed breakfast with some friends who were leaving, caught up before being left behind. I ran my last book club at Oxford Exchange, which legitimately brought me to tears. I love my book club. (I've actually had a couple students ask if I'll start one at W&L, so maybe that chapter isn't over?) After ALA, I only had a day to pack and get ready for Canada. Now, I'm here.I've had such a hectic summer already, and it hasn't even started. The real world is beginning. At some point today, I get my dorm assignment. When I get home, I have a week to gather my things before I ship off to camp in Brevard for two weeks to be a counselor. After that, we move Hannah in at UNC - Chapel Hill, then I spend a week in Charlottesville at UVA, then I move into W&L.The week after, I'm doing a pre-orientation backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail, which will surely kill me a little bit. But I'm so pumped for that - for hiking and views and all the lovely and the not-so-lovely. And then comes college.

What are y'all up to this summer?