A Day in the Life -- May 2, 2017

Hey y'all!It's spring term here at Washington and Lee, which means I've finally been able to read (and therefore start blogging again.) With that being said, being able to post about books also means that I definitely want to share what I've been up to lately.March and April were absolute whirlwinds. Truthfully, winter term was a special kind of hell for me. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong in my life did, and I had a tough time dealing with it. Luckily, I'm an optimist and (hopefully) May will be a lot better. Although there were a lot of rough patches, there were also a lot of incredibly lovely moments. Keeping perspective, eh?The last time I updated y'all was during February break, when I was heading back to school. Now, we only have three weeks left at W&L. I'm excited for a summer at Camp Illahee but mourning the end of my first year here. We shall see.Here though, is what I've been up to lately.

The Books

The Hate U Give by Angie Smith | GoodreadsAnna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins | GoodreadsEverything Leads to You by Nina LaCour | GoodreadsBurn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian | GoodreadsA Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro | GoodreadsHow to Love by Katie Cotugno | GoodreadsSecond Chance Summer by Morgan Matson | GoodreadsMe, Earl, and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews | GoodreadsSmall Damages by Beth Kephart | Goodreads

The Posts

Recently, I've actually been able to write reviews (!!!) again because I've gotten some fresh reads and time. I really did forget the rush of sinking into an excellent book. I talked up a sobering coming-of-age (of sorts) of a girl, post-assault. I discussed an intricate, philosophical portrait of a romance. I celebrated six years of blogging -- and got a little emotional about it. I also compiled a list of reads guaranteed to make your day.

The Life

After February break, life immediately kicked into gear. I got super busy with student government (and was up for re-election, which absorbed an entire two weeks.) March was a whirlwind of EC, fraternity formals, classes winding down, etc,.First of all, my sorority had this function called Famous Lovers, in which each frosh is assigned a character and we have to do a couples costume with our date. We always get ones that are a little embarrassing, and I got the honor of being Chucky from the horror movies. (Which meant my date was Tiffany, Chucky's bride.) We'd picked up costumes from a thrift store in Tampa.The next weekend, I went to the Omni Homestead Resort for two fraternity functions. I'm buds with a lot of Lambda Chi, so we spent the night running around, dancing up a storm, etc,. The night after was Sigma Chi. Different crowd, and I loved them just as much. My friends went night-swimming, and a weekend away from Lexington was lovely. Plus, a good dinner! Sleeping in! Cocktail dresses! All in all, such a good time.The next week just absolutely decimated me, work-wise, so I pretty much dropped off the face of the Earth. The EC was also in the middle of Constitutional Review, so our student body constitution was undergoing heavy revisions -- and required several multi-hour meetings.Next, I had elections. Poured my heart and soul into them (and lost by a small margin, which was pretty tough.) Which meant I was up for re-election the next week and had to do it all again. Luckily, that weekend was Fancy Dress, which I'd been looking forward to for a while.Fancy Dress is a huge W&L tradition, and our committee does a fantastic job. Our theme this year was Studio 54, and the gym was absolutely decked out. That Thursday night, we had T-Pain come to campus. Friday, we had cocktail parties and all scattered around campus. The Saturday of, we had another before going to the dance. Then afterwards, we had midnight breakfast at Kappa Sigma -- which was delicious. I loved the energy on campus, and the weekend was a ton of fun.The next week: re-election. 3 A.M. Waffle House runs. Constitutional Review. A ton of papers due.Needless to say, I wanted a break. Once I finished my work, I borrowed a friend's car on a whim and drove three-and-a-half hours that day to go see my twin sister at UNC Chapel Hill. UNC was also in the Final Four for basketball, and so Chapel Hill was bustling. First of all, seeing Hannah put me on the verge of tears. Obviously, she's the person I'm closest to in the world, and I always forget exactly how much of myself I'm missing when I'm not with her. Seeing her again makes it all fit. She dragged me around to meet friends at various houses. We hung out in Granville. Got some good food. Watched the best basketball game I'd seen in a while -- until the National Championship. Go Heels! That was a fun night, and exactly what I needed.The next week, we were swamped in work. Everyone on campus was hunkered down and quiet. I was absurdly ill, but trucked through. The next week was finals. Ugh. Naps in the library and sitting on the quad by Gaines just hoping the sunshine would make me feel a little better.Also, my lungs have finally recovered enough to start going for runs again -- which I missed so, so much. The only problem with running in the springtime is that I get so distracted by dandelions. We don't really have them in Tampa (or anywhere I go), and I'm always compelled to wish on all the ones I pass.Spring break was lovely. I spent most of my time at home laying out by the pool with a good book. I was ravenous in my reading habits. I chopped my hair for a fresh start.I did not emerge into the real world until my pledge class went to Gulf Shores on that Tuesday, and even then, I spent most of my time buried in a beach read or sipping coffee on the balcony.I took exactly what I needed from spring break: some sleep, good conversations with girls I'd missed, long walks on the beach by myself. I got absurdly tan, which was nice. (I always feel more like myself. A Floridian quirk.) I always forget how much I love the beach until I'm there again. I love the blistering sun. I love sand sticking to my calves. The sound of the ocean. That pearly color of the water when the sun's setting. The stars! The waves! The sense of my soul settling.Back in Lexington, the sun is out. I'm in Celluloid Shakespeare and Mountain Biking (I'm truly sorry if you're one of the poor folks in my class -- I know I'm horrendous and embarrassing and am probably slowing everyone down because I keep running into trees and such.) My entire body aches and I can quote all of Macbeth, so I have that going for me. Cue spring term. Spending almost every spare moment out at the pole houses, lurking on that shadowy bench by Commons, meeting different people because our schedules are scrambled again. I love that there's always something going on. Even though the EC has to do most of our prep for the upcoming year, I like being busy. A little overwhelmed by it all -- and the thought that it's almost over -- but I'm excited. The next few weeks will be crammed with events, and I'm looking forward to the summer.

What have y'all been up to?