Armchair BEA Wrap-Up


Hey y'all!

For those in NYC at BEA at the moment, it's the final day also known as Book Con, a day where non-publishing people or "power readers" can come into the conference. For those of us not at BEA, it's the last day of Armchair BEA. It's time for the wrap-up! The second link is for those of y'all who would like to read other posts by other bloggers!

Monday: Introduction & Literature | Armchair BEATuesday: Author Interactions & Audiobooks | Armchair BEA Wednesday: Blogging Horizons & Short Stories | Armchair BEAThursday: Beyond the Books with Diversity | Armchair BEAFriday: YA/MG & Book-to-Movie Adaptations | Armchair BEA

Armchair BEA has been a really great experience. Having a prompt to do day-to-day has made me a lot more conscious of other bloggers' views on the subjects and keeping up with the goings-on in New York has been really fun! I'll point y'all towards blogger BEA wrap ups when a lot of them get home from the conference. Next year, I'll be going to BEA 2015! Since it's the last year it's in New York, and I love the conference so much, I'm really excited. Until next year! What do y'all think about Armchair BEA this year?