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bea-logo Hey y'all!As y'all know by now, I'm attending BookExpo America for the second time next week, and I'm so excited! I'm a worrier though, and I've been obsessively reading how-to and advice posts for the conference. Even though I've been before, it's been three years and so I'm worried I'm going to forget something! I've gathered a lot of valuable information from a lot of lovely bloggers, and I've decided to share that compilation with y'all today. Are you going? Let me know in the comments!

By Time

Prep Work

Get a travel charger! You use your phone so much during the conference!Get comfy walking shoes - trust me on this.Mark down everything of interest. If a line's cut off or you miss a signing, it's nice to have a backup.Graphically block signings on printer paper - this helped me so much when I went in 2012.Join Goodreads groups - there are a ton of them and a lot of bloggers share info both before/during the conference.Set push notifications for Twitters you'll want to check during the conference. It saves data!Practice speaking to publicists. It's awkward, but you do get nervous and practicing helps.If you're planning on getting coffee in Javits, get the Starbucks app. The line will thank you!Don't expect everything to work out.Pack for multiple types of weather.Remember to RSVP for any events you may be attending!Bring a refillable water bottle and cash for donation boxes/bag checks.Pick up your badge the day before if you can. Saves time in line!

During the Conference

Get there early (especially if you want a ticket!) This depends on personal preference but I like talking to people in line.When you first get there, walk around and make a mental map of the booths. It's better than waiting to hunt down directions.Talk to publicists! It's way better than the actual autographing. Ask them what they're excited for!Most booths have little handouts of galley drops/signings that aren't posted. Collect them early.Don't get an ARC you want? Ask for someone's business card.Ask people about galleys you see they have if you're looking for a book. They can usually direct you to where they got it.Use the shipping room! I swear by it.If you decide to ship, get a box at the front of the room so you can get a little help when you pack up.Use your tote bags to cushion books if you do ship. It helps with wear-and-tear.BEA’s usually over at about 3 but you'll be tired. Be sure to plan NYC ventures accordingly.Don’t personalize books unless you’re keeping them foreverDon't only look at books you know about. The whole point of the conference is to find out about them!Be respectful of people behind you - they're waiting in line too!Even if you’re shy, you already have something in common with people around you: books. Talk to people.

By Blogger

Bloggers writing advice posts: write out the words BookExpo America at least once in your post so they show up!

Alexa Loves Books | BEA ‘14: My Tips + Trickswalk around first to get mental map: will help later in conference!bring water bottlesask people about galleys they have: they’ll direct you to the right spot!

Novel Sounds | 21 BEA Tips & Tricksget there earlydon’t personalize books unless you’re keeping them foreverBEA’s usually over at about 3pick up your badge the day beforebring a portable charger

Katie’s Book Blog | BEA Tips and Tricks (2014 Edition)don’t waste time only going to signings (meet publishers!)don’t only go for books you know aboutbring cash to Javits for donations & checking baggage

Willa’s Ramblings | BEA Do’s and Don’tstake the subwaypack for multiple types of weather

Who R U | My Best Tips for Attending #BEA15be respectful of people behind youif shipping books, find a box close to the front so people can help you carry and pack!even if you’re shy, you already have something in common with people around you: books.

Nose Graze | Own the Hell out of BookExpo Americamark down everything of interestjoin the Goodreads groupsyou don’t HAVE to get there super early - the line moves quickly!

Have any advice for me?

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