My Dream Reading Nook

Hey y'all!It's Grace, here to talk to you today about dream reading spaces. Around this time of year, I'm always plotting what to put in my dorm room, since I have very little space and/or money. I scour the internet and thrift stores for prints, ideas, rugs, etc,.When I was little, I'd always take a piece of printer paper when I was bored and create "dream homes." With squares and labels, usually involving a treehouse of some sort and lots of slides. My Pinterest board is full of my preferred living aesthetic, which I've only started to refine now that I've realized my taste drifts towards certain corners.Arhaus talked to me, which inspired me to put together some dream reading spaces. I figured that was the perfect chance to show off some of the interior design trends I lust over. So, without further ado, here's what I look for in a reading space.

Some Features I Love

Some Spaces I Love


My Spaces

When I think of "dream reading space," I don't think of some elaborate book fort that I'm never actually going to be able to use for anything else. I definitely think of plopping down on the couch at the end of a long day. I love friendly chaos, but also a certain aestheticism -- that it all goes together in a haphazard way, even if it all doesn't totally match. It's the Oxford Exchange blood in me.What's necessary: hanging plants, a stack of blankets in a basket, thick shelves, a coffee table I can drag towards me, a leather couch!I love furniture with history -- which I may have mentioned before -- so I love the etched side table. We have some like that at my house that I'm always commandeering for beverages and book stacks. Plus, I read somewhere that mirrors make small spaces feel larger, and I love the idea of poking around in flea markets to find a funky assortment I can hang up. Most of these are from Pinterest, but this blackened one is from Arhaus.I also read a lot at my desk, which might sound weird. I love having a good office space -- for writing, blogging, editing. All the bookishness that comes along with the actual process of reading.What's necessary: coffee & supplies, a sparse-looking bookshelf, a comfy chair, file cabinet, a solid desk, PLANTS, botanical prints, and this gorgeous poster my heart aches every time I see. Props for the mugs being homemade.I'm actually getting the star map for my dorm room and couldn't be more excited. You can put a date and place, and the stars shown on the poster will reflect the sky then! How cool is that? I'm hoping to start a collection of them so when I'm older, I'll have skies from big times in my life. I'm actually so in love.Finally, the room! I read a ton in my bed -- especially when I'm at school -- and my bedside table is always holding a huge stack. In case you haven't noticed, I'm obsessed with anything metallic (especially of the bronze variety), as well as feeling like I'm outside when I'm not. I would love to curl up here and read for a while.What's necessary: sweater blankets, a funky mirrored bedside table, maps, windows, a pretty lamp, flowers.I'm unfortunately a long way away from owning a house of my own (if ever!) and getting to decorate it, but I can do a bit with the little space that I have. For of y'all who are lucky enough to have some living room freedom, you can check out more ideas here on the Arhaus page. In my dorm room, I'm hoping to have lots of different metals, sweater blankets, prints! I know I'll already have a gorgeously large window, and I'm hoping that'll stifle the pain of a tiny single. But it'll be my reading space for the year, most definitely.

What's your dream reading space?