Summer's Shadow Cover Reveal

Hey y'all!It's Grace and I'm checking in from Interlochen to reveal something that I'm very excited about. The cover to Craig MacLachlan's Summer's Shadow was revealed today! I actually edit a different series for Craig and he's a good author friend of mine so I'm so excited that the cover was finally revealed. He's a wonderful person and writer, and I couldn't be happier for him!

When seventeen-year-old Sierra Winters watches her body sink to its death, she realizes a shining silver cord connects her two halves together, but it breaks off from her bellybutton, sinks with her body, and then everything changes when a mysterious boy saves her life.Sierra Winters and the Void: Summer's Shadow is a YA paranormal-fantasy about Sierra Winters who discovers The Void, a realm filled with mystery, intrigue, danger and love. Sierra's life is already complicated enough when she's kidnapped, almost dies, obtains powers she can't comprehend and has a psychopath from The Void who can manipulate his surroundings into a sickening Rot, hunting for her cord. Sierra's only bright spots are her two best friends and the handsome blue-eyed boy she yearns for, but can't be with because she doesn't know how to willfully leave her body and enter his realm - until she discovers that he has secrets of his own...


Summer's Shadow will be released by MediaAria CDM in Spring 2014. To read more about Summer's Shadow, click here. You can follow Craig on his Twitter here!

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