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Hey y'all!It's Grace. I'm sleep-deprived and happy (and finally got over my cold - woohoo!) and on my way home from camp as this goes up. I've been working uber-hard on getting some blog things up and running while I've been on my little hiatus, as well as putting together some tours! I've had my fabulous blog designer working on some fun new graphics, like the one you see above, and was waiting for the finishing touches before I unveiled my latest idea.I know a few bloggers who also post about music and TV shows and other media forms that they also fangirl over. After all, it's not even about the book sometimes - it's about the story. I've always been into music (I have a very eclectic taste - it's all over the place) but prefer not to show that a lot because I know a lot of people who have a whole lot more musical authority than I do. I'm not pretentious about it because I have my books to be pretentious about. But I recently decided to break out of a bit of my shyness and post a bit about what I've listened to lately, especially as I get more and more into audiobooks.I love being able to share personal quirks and loves on the blog that don't always relate to books, and I decided to make that into a regular feature. So without further ado, Tune In.I'm hoping for Tune In, my latest blog feature, to be a sporadic post that details any obsession over other forms of media I might be having. It's been a while since I've watched TV (admittedly, I gravitate towards paranormal shows - Teen Wolf and the like.)But I'll probably post some about shows occasionally. But I have been listening to a lot of tunes and making quite a few playlists thanks to my final descent to Spotify. My mom restricted our iTunes access, alas.Today, I'm going to talk about music. So here's what I've been listening to, especially for my writing playlists.

My Playlists

1. Colder WeatherScreenshot 2015-08-11 23.02.42I wrote this short story a little while back - it used to be an essay, but I'm morphing it into a story, and I used this playlist for a lot of the inspiration. I wanted it to be dark but peppy, with some mournful piano and scores tossed in there.2. Tiger EyesScreenshot 2015-08-11 23.06.15Screenshot 2015-08-11 23.08.59Again, this playlist was for a story. This character I was writing about was grieving, but had this wanderlust - an edge. I wanted a bit of worldly in there and some beat as well. So this happened. And yes, I listen to Christmas music year-round, and I love haunting ones like O Holy Night or O Come O Come Emmanuel.

My Albums

tumblr_inline_ncs2e0FwZO1subaw01. Black Star Elephant - Nico & Vinz

I adore Nico & Vinz. I listen to their songs probably more than any person should. It's upbeat, but has that same kind of restless feeling behind it that I adore. Thought I Knew gets me every time. I rotate obsessions on this album. And Am I Wrong never fails to remind me of my family's trip to the British Virgin Islands last summer - strong connotations that I love being able to access. Another album, please.

OneRepublic-Native2. Native - OneRepublicAu Revoir is my favorite song of all time. No matter who I'm obsessing over (I have a tendency to find songs that I like and listen to them on repeat until I hate them), I always come back to that song. The instruments in that are hauntingly gorgeous and something about that song just kills me the more often I hear it. Counting Stars has great memories associated with it, and Preacher is emotional for me.album_cover3. Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm - Benjamin Francis LeftwichI love these songs. They're relaxing and yet different. There's some folky undertone to them that just unknots me. I always drive to them.I've been listening to a lot of them at camp, which has been really nice because I definitely need some songs to unwind to. The guitar in these songs is just phenomenal. Shoutout to Reut Cohen for the recommendation. Atlas Hands is forever the jam.

My Songs

Stubborn Love - The LumineersAmerica's Sweetheart - Elle KingBlack Bear - Andrew BelleSkin & Bone - Stu LarsenFive Foot Three - Flannel GraphLet's Get It On - Marvin Gaye & Tammi TerrellLet Me Sign - Rob PattinsonSomething Beautiful - NEEDTOBREATHESmokestacks - LaylaHello, My Old Heart - The Oh HellosA World Alone - LordeO Holy Night - Cary BrothersAnything Can Happen - Hans ZimmerYesterday - AtmosphereYou and Tequila (feat. Grace Potter) - Kenny ChesneyThe Dance - Charlotte MartinWhat a Wonderful World - Louis ArmstrongWork Song - HozierJust Kids - Mat KearneyThe Eternal City - Michele McLaughlinGrow - Rae MorrisSkinny Love (Vanic Remix) - BirdyNeon Dreams - Tyrone WellsHold Yuh - Alex ClareWay Back When - KodalineEmmanuel - BasecampHowl - Florence + the MachineYou Make Me Feel So Young - Frank Sinatra

What have y'all been listening to?


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