Tune In -- October 11, 2018

Not to say I told you so, but I definitely did.I haven't blogged live in quite a while -- most of my content was written over the summer -- because life went from 0 to 100 real quick. But the bright side is that I love October, and I love the feeling of fall encroaching although my W&L experience is going by too quickly.I've been bad at reading lately, which is why I wrote about ways to find reading time recently.Most of my days involve blearily stumbling to my 8 A.M., getting all my (textbook) reading done in the afternoon, heading to a meeting, going for a run, and then attempting to stay on top of being-a-person tasks like unloading our dishwasher and putting up my laundry.Although I'm craving the sensory input that only a good book can give you, I've been substituting with some music and audiobooks that at least give me some escapism for a little while. So without further ado, here's what I've been listening to lately.

The Playlists

I often get grief for the ridiculous amount of playlists I have at a given time. Also, I hate putting songs on my queue; I'd rather just make a new playlist for a given run or study session so I know exactly what'll pop up at a given time.I always do a monthly playlist, hence September. I have a comforting playlist called DETOX that I've been chipping away at a lot lately as I've gotten stressed. A running playlist, rather aggressively called A WHOLE THIRTEEN MILES HOLY SHIT because I am running my first half marathon next weekend, and a playlist called THE LAST .1 MILES for that last burst of energy.My recent favorite is the playlist I put on for lounging around the house or cooking. It's called bon appetit both because of the situations and because of how delicious the songs are to me at this given time.

As a whole, I've been obsessed with Hozier's new album. And Rainbow Kitten Surprise. I've started to associate the latter with being covered in ink in the printmaking studio.

Specific Songs

Moment's Silence (Common Tongue) // HozierShadow & Light // Martin Luke BrownDeep Dark Valley // Jon Bryantoui // JeremihPaper Planes // M.I.A.Drew Barrymore // Bryce VineLove You Right // CherubFirst Class // Rainbow Kitten SurpriseLust // Lil SkiesSolid Wall of Sound // A Tribe Called QuestShotgun // George EzraHold My Girl // George EzraOut of Love // Two Friends

On Audio

I'm really enjoying The Wren Hunt as an audiobook, since I loved reading it over the summer and felt that it was too soon to do a reread, at least in print. It has this lush autumnal atmosphere paired with a folky and complicated story that reads so tensely. Also, it's Irish which means that the accent seasons the narrative so well.I've been putting it on while I work in the art studio and it's become a pleasant backdrop to some plexiglass etching. I feel like I'll always associate it with this art class now.I'm also listening to Ballad, as my go-to fall read. Plus, Maggie Stiefvater's stories translate perfectly to audio. She has a great ear for language that flows rhythmically and poignantly, so her books are always atmospheric and smartly paced. This is one of her first books so it's definitely more straightforward and occasionally not as sophisticated as her later works, but I love it. Give me an intense musical boarding school, complicated friendship, and moody fey any day. I love the narration of James's chapters but the female narrator who voices Nuala is terrible at male voices. Still, it's fun for me.Audiobooks make me feel as if I'm working my way through books when I'm really busy, which is pleasant, especially when I have books like Ballad that are seasonal treats for me.


Now that I've been living in a house with five other girls instead of eighteen, it's a lot easier to have quiet. Although I like a lot of time with my own thoughts, I also need lots of sensory input or the feeling of people around. (Like, my ideal study situation is around lots of people but still doing my own thing.) In some ways, this year feels more like home does in Tampa, and I usually like to have something on in the background.I've been watching a lot of Genius videos on YouTube, mostly because they're easy to put on after a long night.

My townhouse has also been watching Riverdale because it's cheesy and dark and perfect. When The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comes out, we'll probably switch to that because Halloween. (I don't normally follow TV shows because I'm bad at committing to them, but I'm actually excited.)My goal for October is to ACTUALLY watch spooky movies because I always tell myself that I will and I never end up doing it. Keep me accountable, y'all.

What have y'all been listening to lately?