Mini Reviews: December Edition

Hey y'all!It's been a month for rereading. I've read a few gorgeous review books that I am so excited for y'all to read in 2014! I've had a penchant for middle grade over the past few weeks- the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull is phenomenal and has been one of my favorites since I was little. I'm currently on the third book in the series and loving it just as much as the first time I read them.In addition, I finally got my copy of Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly back from a friend and I can't wait to read it again. Despite reading hundreds of books over the past few years, Revolution is still my number-one hands-down favorite. It's everything that I've always wanted in a book and that book has more pull over me than any other.Despite my fierce adoration for my favorite book, I've read some excellent ones recently. Without further ado, here are some of my recent reads!BrokenBroken by C.J. LyonsI don't know exactly what it was about this one but I really could not get into it. The main character Scarlet was dealt a bad card in life, but she relied on stereotypes, pity, and an overall demeaning view of everything around her. Her voice felt stilted and awkward, analytical of her environment but also too close-minded to realize everything that was going on. To me, that came off a bit pompous. I try not to complain about books (after all - I tend to have a pretty good idea of which books I'll like) but this one was over the top. It bothered me that it didn't even feel  like high school or realistic. All the tropes were there - spitballs, varsity letters, everything. I would have had a lot more sympathy for the protagonist if she would actually stop whining for once.Allegiant by Veronica RothThis book shattered me. You can call it all you want - crushed my heart, played mind games. This book was so emotional for me. Afterwards, I just called somebody and made unintelligible noises on the line while crying because I just couldn't even articulate how I was feeling. It felt like physical grief. Between the heart-wrenching characters, plot twists that never took a break, and explosive drama, I was completely involved in this book. This is an absorbing series with an insane conclusion.Perfect Ruin by Lauren DeStefanoLauren DeStefano has the most magnificent imagination. Her backstories and opulent world building are always phenomenal: I'm always completely transported. Wither is an absolutely fantastic story and I was really excited, if nervous, to try another one of her books. I really enjoyed Perfect Ruin. It popped into my head like this - a YA City of Ember. There are a few books that really just have a mood like nothing else: they're so distinct and well-established that it's so hard to even come close. The City of Ember was one of those books for me and it made me ecstatic to see some of that carry over into this book. It's beautifully written (I have a weakness for word choice) and intricate. It's not quite a dystopian but not quite a utopian either. It's a little futuristic, a little bit's wonderful. I loved the passion between Basil and MC, and I absolutely adored most everything about the book. It tended to drag a little in the middle in the same way that Wither did but I fell in love with it the same way.Out of Reach by Carrie ArcosWhile I wasn't too happy with how this one wrapped up, I loved the plot and characters. Micah's spiraling out of control and the main character Rachel was just trying to figure out where he was. It dealt with family ties and how quickly one thing could get in between them. I was so sad for Rachel throughout the book but she was still hopeful though not naive throughout.My only hesitation with this one would be the pacing and the ending. It didn't delve very deeply into much of it. There was so much potential that wasn't explored. So it impacted me, but it was less powerful - it's a quick read and it doesn't give much of a resolution. It was enjoyable, with quiet messages that will leave you thinking.

What books have y'all read recently?