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A Day in the Life (2)

Hey y'all!It's Grace, and I've had a crazy busy week. I was really excited because this week I could actually blog a bit more (even if it was only an In My Mailbox and a Top Ten Tuesday) because my schedule is starting to get regulated. I'm starting to get a feel for when I'll have time to blog and when I should schedule a post, etc,. I haven't been able to read as much as usual but I still have some EXCELLENT books to gush about on the blog for now! I’d love to hear feedback in the comments below, or you can tweet me about it!The Books:

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter - The book that I just finished was incredible. Alice in Zombieland was spunky, sinister, and electrifying. I highly recommend it if you love zombie books! It's a fresh concept in a great voice! My only issue with it was that there wasn't as much Alice in Wonderland as I thought there would be. The only reference that I saw to Alice in Wonderland was the white rabbit. But it was still an excellent book and I'm really happy about it. I love the clever tagline too. "Off with their heads"? So clever.

Summer and Bird by Katherine Catmull - This book drew me in by its amazing cover at BEA and I'm so excited to read it! I've heard that it's really great and it gives off a really Wildwood vibe. It's also about sisters and seems like such a fantastic read. With a cozy feel, a plot revolving around sisters, it seems like the perfect book to curl up with and go on an adventure with! It seems like the perfect book to usher in the fall! I'm going to read it as soon as possible!

The Life:

With Homecoming around the corner and people itching to meet everybody, it's been chaotic and stressful. I've been working pretty hard not academically (although that's challenging too!) but socially. I'm loving everybody and really can't wait to experience everything! I'm also itching for fall (hot cocoa and vivid leaves), Halloween (Disney Channel movies and trick-or-treating, anybody?), and Homecoming! With cute proposals occurring at almost every lunch, girls freaking out over before-parties, and dress mania, it's Homecoming fever! I'm doing pretty well, I think. I've been getting really stressed and anxious over everything recently and it's stressing me out stressing out over the little things. I try to get myself to stop, but I can't! I've been overthinking everything and I'm starting to miss the full immersion in the book blogging world. I miss being able to Tweet with everybody all the time and I hate being away from it so much. On the bright side, my high school wants to put me and my blog on the Talents page of our yearbook! My life is pretty good right now but it's been really stressful. To keep up with my personal life, you can also read rants, musings, and recaps on my personal blog. The password is the last name of my favorite author (found on my About Me page above)!

The Posts:

I'm really proud of my review of Origin by Jessica Khoury that I posted last week. Lush, evocative settings and pulse-pounding action (and romance) make this a must read!

I received a signed copy of Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr in my mailbox last week from HarperTeen.

I wrote a blog post on the Top Ten Bookish People I'd Like to Meet, including people like John Green, J.K. Rowling, Sarah LaPolla, and more.

The News:

My high school's yearbook may put me and my blog on the Talents page of the yearbook! I'm so excited! A lot of people have been asking me about my blog and I'm going to put a little stack of business cards at the front desk at my high school's library so I'm really excited!

I've got some really interesting and exciting emails recently from people that I'm ecstatic to be working with! Sometimes when I'm having a bad day, I love just getting emails and comments that remind  me of why I blog in the first place.

I may be contributing to a fantastic blog run by one of my good friends, Vy! She asked me for tips on blogging during the school year and (although I suck at it), I'm going to share some tips with her readers on her blog! Check her blog out here.


If y'all could just take a second to pray for Pam van Hylckama Vlieg, who was recently attacked by a disgruntled writer, it would be much appreciated. A literary agent and a WONDERFUL blogger and person, according to the Huffington Post, she was hurt by an author who had been emailing her messages after her rejection of his query. Luckily, she's in good condition now, but it's scary and horrifying to think that somebody could do this. Please just keep her in your prayers!

Thank y'all so much for your patience while I get my blog posts regular again! I really appreciate it and hope y'all are having a fantastic week!Love y'all!Grace