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Fall Reread Challenge

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hi lovelies!

I really can't make excuses for my lack of posting other than the fact that it's Homecoming week, but I'm really excited about this post and I hope y'all are too! So last week I posted about mood and setting. It's so important to me that mood and setting be in a book. Fall (especially before Halloween) is one of the year because there's this mood that accompanies it, one that I always try to find in books.My challenge is this:Read books that remind you of fall.Although I originally dreamed this up relating to Halloween, it doesn't even have to be spooky or scary or anything. A lot of the titles on my list are ones that have paranormal elements in them but some of them simply remind me of Halloween. That's one of the biggest moods for me, but feel free to read books that remind you of Thanksgiving or leaves changing or hot chocolate. Any sensations that evoke the feeling of fall. My chosen fall rereads will be revealed on the blog later. Comment below with any ideas! What books are you planning on reading? What traditions, foods, and books remind you of fall?


Third- finish 10 fall rereads by Christmas

Second- finish 10 fall rereads by Thanksgiving

First- finish 10 fall rereads by Halloween

I will obviously be participating and might hold a readathon on the blog. In any case, you'll be seeing a lot of this on the blog soon! I really love fall books so I'll be gushing about them a lot. I also might hold a giveaway when I finish the challenge (I'll most likely be working at a Second level) picked out of the people who sign up on this post. Click on the image to sign up!