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October Reading List

Hey y’all!

I originally wrote this post in Nashville a few weeks ago, but got side-tracked by some of the events that unfurled there. (Namely, the theft of my computer and the contents of my luggage, so blogging has been a little slow!) Dancing there was such a refreshing release though — such a way to connect to my summer self as I gear myself towards the fall.

I’ll likely write about the school year as a whole soon — current obsessions: redeye coffees, red, my late afternoon runs, masculine black and white portraits, etc,. — since it’s starting to configure into patterns, but that’s for another time.

I haven’t been able to finish a ton of books this year, but I’ve been chipping away at a few different reads that have continued to shape the way that I think. Still not back into fiction, exactly, since I’ve been on an anti-emotion kick. Fiction feels visceral in a way that even personal essays don’t. (I am reading Americanah though, per Allie’s request.)

In addition to the books I recently bought, here are some additional reads that made it on my list. Midterms make it more difficult to find the time, but I have my ways.


why we sleep.jpg

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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My friend Allie recommended to me, and asked me if I’d read it as her birthday present — I started the audiobook on the first leg of my drive to Nashville and relished the patterns of the language. A resonant read.

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

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If my friend Sean recommends a book to me, I have to read it — his recs are always on point for me, and I trust them wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, this is one of the belongings that was stolen (!!!) from my car, but I have a copy coming in soon, which would be helpful. Sleep is such a thorny problem for me — not so much getting to sleep, but sleeping poorly because of dreams— so conquering it would be useful.

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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This summer especially, I realized how much of what I love is formalized in the concept of flow. Making art, playing an instrument, dancing. Cooking or working on a problem or running. Challenging yourself feels good and that sense of progress is part of what fulfills me. I like hobbies wrapped up in those values.

Aside from those, I’m reading a ton of Soviet history — thank you, Russian seminar — and attempting to keep myself afloat in other reads. I have a wishlist full of autumnal reads that I never got around to in October but hope that I can savor in November as the season winds down. Ideally, get to share a few on here regardless.

What have y’all been reading lately?