Grace, you look a little different.

Hey y’all!

If you’ve been around for awhile, the site looks VASTLY different from the blue-and-gray, watercolored, cutesy design it’s had for the past five or so years. I recently decided that I needed to elevate it.

If you’re new here, welcome! I’m happy to have you, in what’s a new era of the blog I’ve been running, and loving, since 2011.

The Overview

Words Like Silver is a literary blog with a little bit of lifestyle.

The new branding looks, and feels, a lot more like me. A bit older, a bit cleaner, and with more emphasis on what really matters — the words and content expressed by the reads that I love. It’s more versatile, so I can play around with it and try out different styles. The post editor is also much friendlier towards the types of projects and reflections I’ve been incorporating in my reviews recently. Mood boards will be easier, as well as embedding media like audiobook samples and sounds.

The Breakdown

I recently switched from Wordpress to Squarespace. While I’d never had any issues with Wordpress, I loved the responsiveness of Squarespace, which I got to know through my art blog. Building elements feels so natural, and the drag-and-drop formatting feels a lot like I’m constructing an art project. I’ve never done any more than light coding, but on Squarespace, I can work with CSS without feeling like I’ll derail some integral part of my site.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be cleaning up bits of the transition. Fixing formatting. For example, the import of my Wordpress content left out spaces between periods and the incoming sentence. There’s also an odd lack of a closing parenthesis, so currently I’m writing without parentheses! I’m adjusting images and graphics, and touching up some behind-the-scenes elements like keywords and categorization.

If you read any posts written before May 2019, beware! Tread lightly.

In all seriousness though, I’m excited for how much more I can now convey. I hope that y’all will be patient as I single-handedly pore through and curate all the details of Words Like Silver over the coming days. Hopefully I’ll have it all up to speed soon! I’m also still on a self-imposed digital detox until I go back to school, so my online presence has been minimal.

In the meantime…

Do you like it?