A Day in the Life (3)

a day in the life

Hey y'all! For those of you who haven’t seen this feature before, I started A Day in the Life just to give y’all updates on what I’m reading, thinking, and what’s going on in the bookish world! I hope y’all enjoy! Here goes:The Books:Thirteen Plus One (Winnie Perry, #5)Thirteen Plus One by Lauren Myracle - I've read this book so many times and I'm currently rereading it again. The Winnie Years series was one of those that kept me going through my middle school years. Winnie went through so much with boys, friends, goofy adventures, and growing up. It was one of those novels that just helped me so much with understanding life and those things that nobody will ever really explain to you but you're bound to experience. Winnie's such a bubbly character and I love how vibrant the books are even when they're discussing things that are slightly heavy. This one takes place at the beach and deals with pre-high school nerves which I could definitely relate to! I just love these books so much. They've helped with a lot, and I like to reread them when I'm stressing out about something.The Probability of MiraclesThe Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder - This is my second time rereading this one but it's still among my favorites. Some people don't like it because of the main character, Cam, and I can see why they don't, but I love it. It just has so much of life in a book. It's not morbidly sad or another "cancer book" but it's very sad and happy at the same time. It's just beautiful and so vivid. It's filled with imagery and emotion and a sharp wit. I just finished this one and I actually had to tell the person I was talking to that I had to excuse myself for a bit and go cry. It was also amazing because of the place I read it and it just put me in such an amazing mood. It's so good. This is why I read - for books and feelings like that.The Life:One of the reasons why I've had such a bad time blogging recently is because I've been bogged down with schoolwork, dance, lacrosse, and friends! Plus, I'm still waiting to hear back from Interlochen, which I discussed in my writing post. I applied for the camp and a merit scholarship, so fingers crossed! I'm really nervous - if all works out, my summer will be so busy! It'd be so worth it though, to be surrounded by passionate and creative artists looking to make a mark on the world! Those are the type of people I want to expose myself to and I would love the chance to do so!I'm starting lacrosse next month. I didn't play during eighth grade but I got back into it this year and I've been working really hard at it. I've also been getting into running! School has been difficult, just because I'm not really not a math person! I'm a little burnt out already but I'm hoping to power through the rest of the year! This week was Spring Break, so I go back to school tomorrow. I also deleted my personal Twitter so now I'm learning how to balance my professional/blog side with my personal side. I'm glad I'm learning this now though, because I feel like it's a good skill to understand.My Posts:Like I mentioned earlier, my blog posts have been slightly lacking as of recently. Not so much quantity, but I've been working on getting the quality up! I'd rather write one or two great posts a week than post a mediocre one every day. Recently, I cowrote Real Life Relationships vs. YA Relationships with Reut and Willa. That post is about the perceptions of boys and relationships that REAL teenage girls have in our (little) experience as opposed to the stereotypical YA romance.I also wrote Top Ten Series I'd Like to Start but Haven't Yet recently.The News:I've been working on a manuscript for a friend and am severely behind on email! I'm really excited to be getting into editing. For those of you who don't know or follow me on Twitter, I've recently started editing for Teen Eyes Editorial. The incredible Brent (I'm literally obsessed with Brent - he's the best!) asked me to be a part of it and I couldn't be more thrilled. The entire premise of Teen Eyes is having your manuscript edited by those with publishing/writing experience AND the teen perspective, which most people can't give you. It's great to have a grammatically correct and complex manuscript, but if teens can't relate, what's the point in the YA market? If you're interested, check out my editing page here!I also got blog t-shirts! Hannah, my wonderful twin, gave them to me as a Christmas present! They're light blue and really cute. I originally was going to get a few (for the family) but a ton of my friends wanted them. We ended up buying over a hundred! We charged a bit for each shirt and donated the profit to Sandy Hook! Now, I come to school and see at least two or three people wearing my shirt every day and it makes me so happy. I'll post a picture when I manage to get one that Wordpress doesn't hate!I think one of my blogging goals for the year might be coming true, but I can't say anything concrete until I have more details! So, I'm in suspense for now.Other Posts:I honestly have the biggest crush on Jamie's blog, The Perpetual Page Turner. Not only is she a fabulous person (I basically fangirled in front of her at BEA when I met her and could barely form coherent sentences), but her blog is so amazing. It's one of my favorites because she manages to articulate all these ideas about books and blogging that I feel but can't describe. Her writing is very clear and descriptive. Her reviews are fantastic and her book taste practically mirrors my own. I basically want to grow up to be her. She wrote a post A Moment of Truth on the Blogging Front today that is absolutely wonderful. I highly encourage y'all to read it.So I hope y'all enjoyed! That's basically what I've been up to recently. Still working on getting back to consistently blogging, but thank y'all for being patient!Happy reading!Grace