A Few Changes

Hey y'all!It's Grace. I haven't posted since Sunday because I have been crazy busy, and this IS NOT a break from the blog, but it may be a bit slower than usual while school starts. If you're a regular reader of the blog, you know that I'm about to go into high school. Not only do I have to finish two virtual courses and exams before I go back, but it's a huge change socially. I wasn't that happy with my friends back at my old school and now I have a great group that I'll be going to school with that I consider my "best friends". Everybody says that freshman year is supposed to be hard socially but not academically. There are going to be a few more changes around the blog recently both to make it more professional and to make it easier on me.What does that mean? Well, it means that for the month of August, I'll be running around taking quizzes, doing community service (the club starts this month), and doing things with friends. I read so many books about starting high school: Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters, Thirteen Plus OneSleeping Freshmen Never Lie (okay, that one is summer reading) but you never really know what it's going to be like until you experience it for yourself. Anyways, the point is that high school is my main focus right now and unfortunately, I need to make the blog my second priority. So, I may not be posting as often but since I have a ton of books to review from BEA, I'm going to have more original content. So I probably won't be doing as many memes but I will be doing reviews. The point is that since I'm starting high school, for the month of August, blogging won't be as much of a priority. I'll be reviewing every once in a while and still posting, but not as often.The second change is that I'm thinking about doing a sort of update post every week. Some blogs do this where they'll talk about what they've read, what they're planning on reading, what's gone on in the blogosphere, etc,. Then y'all can see what exactly is going on with me and then also, I can talk about the books I've been excited for and reading. Thoughts? Comment below!The third change is that I'm looking for a blog design. The problem with a lot of designers who design for Wordpress is that a lot of them are either really expensive or not very good. I'm going to ask for one for Christmas from my parents if I can't find a designer that I like who I can afford, but I'm looking to get a logo and an elegant design. I've found a style of design that I love and some designers who are excellent but it's a little more than what's in my price range. If y'all know of any excellent Wordpress.com designers who have designed for you, I would love to hear your suggestions! Also, my friend's brother is a computer genius who designed a ton of programs when he was only eight. He promised he would show me how to design and use HTML and CSS, so I'm really excited. But hopefully, I'll have a beautiful new blog design within the next few months.So, there are going to be a few new changes around here. I hope that y'all are okay with it. I've just been under a lot of stress over the summer and last year between balancing my blog, internship, dance, a life, actually reading, and school, I don't want to be that stressed starting this year, especially because last year I wasn't very social. Truthfully, I was sick of my school but this year, I'm looking for a new start. My blog is incredible and I will NEVER stop blogging, but I just have to scale down a little. On the bright side, I'm going to keep making my blog more and more professional and thoughtful with more and more unique content. I love you guys and I hope you understand that I'm just trying to keep myself sane!Grace