Okay, I confess: I used to think it was cheesy when teary actresses stood with their awards and rambled that they had way too many people to think or when authors would say that if they were to thank everybody, it would take pages probably as long as the book.I completely understand now, and the reality of that is a bit of a bummer because it means that…how the heck do I fit all of y’all into one post? I have the authors, other bloggers, readers, publishers, and a ton more people who have just generally contributed.I’ll start with the bloggers.KristiI first started talking to Kristi when she had a survey because The Story Siren had reached one million page views and she emailed me because of my response. We started talking and she helped me get started on my blog, for which I am eternally grateful! She’s one of the sweetest people, and today is also her birthday! Anyways, there’s a reason that her blog is so popular because she’s awesome!ReutReut and I “met” on Twitter during a YA Scavenger Hunt over the summer. We were both stumped by the challenge and we ended up talking. Over the course of the year, she’s grown to be one of my closest blogger friends and she is hilarious! Love you Reut! You’re amazing!GabrielleGabrielle is that person that I turn to when things are tough or I’m stumped with my writing or just wanting to talk. We only started talking recently but already I feel like she’s one of my closest blogger friends and we’re growing even closer. She’s so nice and we stay up talking and texting until the early hours of the morning.JenOh, where do I even begin to talk about Jen? Jen is like me, but a year older. We’re both twins, both avid readers, both dancers, and both bloggers. Literally everything I am interested in, she is too, and I really really really wish she lived in my hometown, because there’s no doubt that we’d be best friends. We’re “virtual twins” and she has helped so much with this blog!BaileyNot only is Bailey “chaperoning” me for Book Expo America, but she’s really smart and adorable. Her blog is fantastic; she is so much fun to talk to! Bailey has been so helpful and just awesome to be around for this year.SomerSomer is one of those people that I can always count on to read my blog and comment and always be encouraging and helpful! Honestly, every one of these people that I’m mentioning is ridiculously sweet! Somer rocks!JacobJacob is a guy that I’ve met recently who is Words Like Silver’s brother blogger and I can’t wait to meet him next weekend! Honestly, it’s fantastic meeting somebody my age in my hometown who is as passionate and he’s really been so absolutely wonderful to talk to in the past few weeks.Lucy – Lucy is one of my most loyal readers. I can always count on her to be on Twitter or commenting on my blog with something interesting to say and she’s always so nice. When I feel like my blog isn’t good enough or I’m struggling with something, her words always perk me up.Then comes the authors. My reaction to authors is similar to that of a person seeing a movie star, so I freaked out when I actually started to get close to a few.Michelle Zink – When I first got a tweet from Michelle Zink, I was the happiest person in the world. My friends and I adore her and it still stuns me that she’s one of my best “author friends”. I always look forward to her little postcards and treats in the mail and she’s one of the most positive people who always reaches out to her readers. Thanks Michelle!Siobhan Vivian – After reading The List, I was stunned. When Siobhan Vivian told me that she liked my review, I was even more so. Siobhan really hit close to home with The List and it amazed me how real her characters were and how realistic those situations were to me. Not only am I acknowledging her for writing such an amazing and inspiring books, but she said she’s excited to see me at BEA and she honestly knows me as a person instead of another reader. She even commented on one of my Facebook pictures!Francisco X. Stork – Francisco is awesome! Yes, I am completely overusing that adjective in this post, but his Facebook posts always make my day and he’s always really helpful (another overused adjective!) and he motivates me. He’s just one of those people who I love to talk to and look forward to our next encounter.Rachel Coker – Rachel is a fifteen year old author who I recently interviewed (but haven’t posted it yet! It’s scheduled for next week!) and she isn’t one of those people who thinks herself above others because she’s done something amazing. I commented on her blog and she emailed me and we got into a conversation and she is incredibly humble and talented. I’m so lucky to have talked to her this year!Jennifer Donnelly – I emailed Jennifer in a tear-stricken stupor after reading Revolution, even before I was blogging, and she was actually the first person to see my blog. Before Words Like Silver, I started a blog that lasted about two days. She encouraged the thought of me starting a blog and told me that she could see me as a writer and I still treasure her email. She made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the world.Jessica Lee Anderson – I believe Jessica was the first author to comment on my blog. I emailed her, she still reads it occasionally, and I really admire her! Her comment was a huge milestone for Words Like Silver and motivated me to grow even more.Kimberly Sabatini – Kimberly was one of my first Goodreads friends and consistent commenters. I just love seeing what she’s up to and she’s an awesome person who is supportive and wonderful to talk to.Alexandra Adornetto – She probably doesn’t even know this blog exists but there is no way to describe the emotion that wells up when I think of her because she is my hero. My idol. Whatever synonym you want to use. She is my inspiration and truthfully, if I ever got the chance to meet her, I would probably start crying. I want to reach out to her but part of me is afraid that I wouldn’t be at all significant to her and that would suck because I look up to her the most out of probably anybody. She’s the most amazing person.I haven’t been noticed by a lot of publishers, but as for the few who have noticed me, I’m extremely grateful to them.Macmillan – Macmillan publishes some of my favorite books and I was ecstatic when I started getting books from them for review. Thank you!Random House – Random House’s Random Buzzers program is absolutely fantastic. If you’re a YA reader, I would definitely check it out. The chance to be an Ambuzzador for them has been awesome and I love their program!Immortal Ink Publishing – I owe so much to Immortal Ink. They noticed the passion of a young teenage girl and treat me like I’m adult and I have something to say. I have way too much admiration for them to squeeze into a paragraph! Love y’all!My indie bookstore Inkwood actually puts up with my gushing and talks with me about bookish things and I just love them. It’s always a good day when I can escape to Inkwood!Mr. Murphy & Mclean – My computer teacher runs a blog, and his wife Mclean is one of the people I look up to. She’s a youth group leader who encourages me, and Mr. Murphy and I get into page-views battles (which I beat him in long ago! Ha) and can talk about geeky things like HTML and Wordpress vs. Blogger during snack! Y’all rock!A huge thanks to some of my regular commenters who include Burgundy Ice and Autumn! I love it when I get consistent commenters…it makes my day! Y’all are amazing!I still have so many more people to think and I get the horrible feeling that I’m missing people. Thank y’all so much for all of your help and support, and here’s to another great year! Love y’all!Grace