Alexandra Adornetto Biography

Hey y'all! Today, is Alexandra Adornetto day, one of four. I think I told y'all about this on Twitter. It was originally supposed to be on TUESDAY, celebrating the release of HADES, but I had to reschedule because my Tuesday was PACKED, and it was a really bad day for me. Also, Wordpress didn't post my scheduled AA posts, so I had to redo them because it also did something funky to them. Hopefully it doesn't happen this time! Instead, I'm going to do AA Weekend, because then it gives me the opportunity to do better and more things.  Today, you can find trailers, reviews of her books, a letter to her from me (I don't think that she'd ever read it though; I'm one fan out of many) and a few fun things.A lot of this is going to be really personal, because she's my hero. She's my idol. To be honest, I'd probably start sobbing if I met her. This is not a joke. I will forever all-but-worship Alexandra Adornetto.Some of you may be wondering who she is. For those people, here is her biography (written by me).Alexandra Adornetto (born April 18, 1992) was originally born Alexandra Grace. She lives in Victoria, Australia. Her parents were English teachers, so she inherited her love of reading and writing at a young age. Actually, her mother is "excellent for bouncing ideas off of" because her mother isn't afraid to tell her the harsh truth and her family is very supportive. Her books are (I quote from her HarperCollins biography) "stacked in wobbly piles on her bedroom floor".Alexandra was actually on school holidays when she decided to write The Shadow Thief. She actually said that she was bored, with her friends out on vacation or doing something else, so she decided to sit down and write. Her mother would beg her to socialize or do something other than camp out in front of her computer, but Alexandra was determined.Determination is actually the key point of writing a book. You could be the most amazing writer in the world, and it wouldn't make a difference if you didn't try your hardest and put your all into it. This - in part - is why Alexandra is so successful.She hadn't known that it was much easier if you got an agent first. She admitted later, in publishing Halo, that she wished she would have known that before publishing. However, her determination and brilliance paid off.She sent off her manuscript and a cover letter.Her manuscript emerged from the "slush pile" relatively quickly and editors said that Alex's brilliance leapt off the page. Twenty six weeks after sending off her manuscript to HarperCollins, she got the call.Alexandra laughed in a video interview that her voice had come out so small, and HarperCollins was surprised to hear such a tiny voice on the other end. They hadn't known that she was thirteen. With a few meetings and discussions, her book was set to be published. She says that she remembers being ecstatic and "running around the house".On July 1, 2011, her book was published.

The Shadow Thief (The Strangest Adventures, #1)

Drabville is a model town, where Milli Klompet lives with her slightly offbeat family and spends her time longing for adventure. Then one day, along with her cautious best friend and amateur geologist, Ernest Perriclof, Milli discovers 'Hog House'. But the afternoon's entertainment takes a different turn when they are held prisoner by the wacky Mr and Mrs Mayor and a cohort of evil magicians, led by the sinister Aldor. Aldor is eagerly anticipating the Great Guzzle – a horrifying ceremony during which he plans to swallow the shadows of every citizen in Drabville, absorbing their skills and talents and rendering himself invincible. Milli and Ernest must evade the Shadow Keepers and outwit the sinister Aldor before the shadows are swallowed and Drabville loses its soul forever. 

Alexandra says that shadows are like the essences of a person's soul, their color and individuality. The next year, she worked on, and published, The Lampo Circus, #2 in the Strangest Adventures series.

The Lampo Circus (The Strangest Adventures, #2)

The arrival of Federico Lampo and his travelling circus brings a new threat to Drabville when the children are kidnapped and transported to the grim world of the Conjuors' Realm. Lord Aldor, assisted by Ringmaster Lampo and the vicious Contessa Bombasta, is plotting to conquer the fairy province of Mirth. . The children embark on a quest to warn the Queen of Mirth, encountering some fearsome obstacles, not least the ferocious Grin Bandits and their tooth–extracting apparatus. As the day of battle draws near, Milli and Ernest realise that if Lord Aldor defeats them, theirs won't be the only lives at stake...

...and when she was fifteen, she wrote...

Von Gobstopper's Arcade (The Strangest Adventures, #3)

Master toymaker Gustav Von Gobstopper announces plans to build a special Toy Arcade to commemorate the extraordinary bravery of Drabville-s children, who have twice escaped the clutches of the wicked Lord Aldor. The children couldn-t be more excited. But when Milli and Ernest encounter a suspicious collection of characters at the Arcade, it quickly becomes apparent they have stumbled upon a malicious master plan designed to extinguish the very existence of childhood! As Christmas Eve draws close, Milli and Ernest find themselves enlisted as Santa-s helpers for a Christmas spectacle like no other.

She is extraordinary. She wrote all of these books when she was very young, and it's only now, when I'm at this age, that I realize how hard that must have been. Honestly, with all the stuff that I'm doing NOW, I'm in awe of her for that. That's not the only reason though.

I'm going to be posting most of these later throughout the weekend, because I'm going to make sure that I do Alexandra Adornetto weekend. She is my idol, and I want to give her the attention that she deserves.

Alexandra, you will forever remain my hero.