Announcement: Canada

As y'all may remember (those of you who actually read my blog when I hardly ever posted during the summer last year), I go to Canada every year with my family. We have a place on an island that our ancestors founded and it's beautiful. There's no wifi or cell tower or anything, but it's nice to disconnect for two weeks every year. We get to go skiing at sunset and tubing right before a storm and reading on the docks. We play intense games of cards at night that end up with everybody screaming and laughing at each other.It's great. Unfortunately, a two week absence without contact with the world at any time means that I have been scheduling posts like crazy these past few days. I also learned how to schedule tweets which is incredibly useful. I use Twitter like a maniac. I have a few reviews scheduled for y'all as well as a few good posts and some Top Ten Tuesdays and whatnot. The point is that I won't be here for the next two weeks so I won't be able to approve comments (ALTHOUGH PLEASE COMMENT STILL!) and you may not be able to reach me.We do occasionally go into Port Hope or one of the nearby towns. We'll eat brunch and go to the library. There's a fabulous indie bookstore that we always visit in Port Hope and I get to pick out a few books. But most of our time is spent at the island. The good news? I will finish a lot of books! I don't have to stress about anything while on the island, but enjoying the scenery and becoming absorbed in my latest book.Basically, my days will consist of waking up to the sound of nature (and pancakes frying in the kitchen), going down to the lake, devouring a few books, doing watersports/tanning/water wars with my brother and his best friend, and then hanging out in the kitchen or sleeping porch to play some random game. Nowhere in there does blogging come into the picture.Sorry that I won't be here, but I'm really excited for Canada and I can't wait to just relax! I'll see y'all when I get back, but for now, enjoy the posts that will occasionally pop up!Love y'all,Grace