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Hey y'all!

Sorry I've been absent for a few days on the blog. I have a few half-written posts, but the main reason I've been absent is because I have some huge news that I'm bursting to tell y'all. Those on Twitter already know this, but I've been working out the details for several days now.Are you ready?

I am going to be an intern.

It's a bit of a story, but the end result is that I will be going through manuscript submissions, working with blogger interaction, even a bit of editing!A few days ago I tweeted to Immortal Ink Publishing that if they were ever looking for any help or a digital intern that they could drop me a line on Twitter or email me. The next day, they did and they asked me what I'd like to do, and whether I would like to intern for them.Of course, I emailed back as soon as I could with excitement bursting out of every pore and then proceeded to go a little bit insane. I've wanted to be in the publishing industry for so long, and by being an intern, I can learn more about it and get in there sooner. Being in the industry is my dream.I'm going to be doing all that I mentioned above, and my sister really wants me to help with cover art. I have a lot of friends interested in photography so they're all fascinated by the cover designs. I want to get my fingers into everything that I can in all aspects of the publishing industry.My parents were worried at first that I'd be to busy what with schoolwork, my blog, dance, etc,. but they were thrilled when Immortal Ink said that they absolutely had to make sure that it never interfered with my schoolwork.Technically, legal working age is 14, so I start on January 10, which is my fourteenth birthday. Again, sorry for the absence but I am so excited to be doing this!I'll probably post again in January when I first start, but I am so excited for this experience! Thank all of you who helped me with this and congratulated me on Twitter and Facebook the other day!Happy reading (and writing),Grace

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